Yo Gotti Connects To The People: “I Have The Same Problems, Issues & Struggles You Do”

Yo Gotti Connects To The People: “I Have The Same Problems, Issues & Struggles You Do”

[With his new I Am solo album just weeks away from landing on store shelves, Memphis rap veteran Yo Gotti talks to SOHH readers about launching his new, must-watch vlog series.]

I had a lot of content before I went on tour that I couldn’t put out. I kinda wanted to leave off at the point before I left out on the road and to actually show people how hands on I be, how much I work. You see that I put out a lot of music or I be on a lot of music, but a lot of people don’t actually see how much work I do. So a lot people get it confused or miss the perception of Yo Gotti and think we all rap alike. I deal through myself to everybody.

I have a partnership deal with them. I’m hands on with putting on my whole tour. We do so much work, so this vlog series is to show that. It’s to show how much we’re on the road, how much we’re in the studio, how much I still deal with all the business and being hands on with the decision-making and as well as how hands on I be with the fans. Every city I’m touching fans, we’re going to in-stores, we’re going to colleges. I got a fan phone, I answer the phone and talk to fans, they text me and I text them back. We wanted to show all of that because I don’t think people see all of that and capture all of it in the vlog.

It is most definitely different coming from the culture I am coming from. I come from a space where it really ain’t cool to be on the camera, you want everything to be on the low. A lot times I may be on the bus or in different places and look up and there’s a camera and I’m like ‘take it off’. Then I have to remember, oh yeah we filming. It’s definitely something I’m trying to adjust to. But I think overall the fans want to see it and that’s the reason I decided to do it. It most definitely started off a little more uncomfortable than usual. But I just love the fans because I feel they put me in this position. For the fans I go through it and deal with it.

I want them to see who Yo Gotti is, learn more about who Yo Gotti really is outside of the music on a regular day to day, or a family day or a regular kick it day when it ain’t a studio day or when it ain’t a show day. We try to capture some of them moments where you can understand I’m human just like you. I have the same problems, issues and struggles you do. I ain’t no different to you, I just do music.

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