YMCMB’s Christina Milian Knows The Clock’s Ticking: “Fingers Are Crossed Every Time”

YMCMB’s Christina Milian Knows The Clock’s Ticking: “Fingers Are Crossed Every Time”

[With her fate just hours away from being revealed, R&B singer and newest “Dancing With The Stars” participant Christina Milian tells SOHH readers where her state of mind is before tonight’s big performance.]

Being on this show, it’s been a new adventure. I’m always up for new adventures.

Everything you’re seeing on the television is done live. At the end of each performance, they let us know the scores and then people vote to see who’s staying on the show. That part is nail-biting because there’s so much stuff going on through your head.

You’re thinking about what the judges give you but you also want to make sure to give a great performance. That’s an important part because people are going to see you or be inspired to do that kind of stuff based on the performance. Fingers are crossed every time and saying a prayer.

I try not to focus too much on the things that would make me nervous like performing live to millions of people, voting and you have to tell yourself that you should be focused on saying, “Okay, can I have a good time? Don’t be nervous and just remember what you learned this whole week. If you relax and don’t get too excited, you’re going to be okay.”

At this point, right now, the day is so busy. Everybody is getting dressed and doing rehearsals and doing their hair, all of this stuff happens so quickly that before you know it it’s time for the live show.

So everything sort of distracts you from, “Okay, I’m sitting here and oh my God.” It’s pretty busy and that’s what keeps you focused.

Christina Milian is a multi-talented phenomenon whose resume includes film, television, theater and music. Milian is formally known for her role as the social media correspondent for the hit NBC show “The Voice”. She was also most recently seen in the television movie “The Christmas Cupid”, CBS shows “A Gifted Man” and “CSI” and recurs as the voice of Esther on “Family Guy.” Most recently, you can find Ms. Milian on the covers of Rolling Out, Unleash’d, Denim, Hydrogen and Cielo Magazines. CHRISTINA MILIAN partners with MARK BALLAS.

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