Ying Yang Twins Rapper Arrested, Violent Wife-Beating Charge Unveiled

Ying Yang Twins Rapper Arrested, Violent Wife-Beating Charge Unveiled

Atlanta rapper D-Roc, most known as a member of Ying Yang Twins, has reportedly been arrested on a serious charge of domestic violence.

Despite the arrest just now happening, reports claim the incident took place last fall.

Deongelo Holmes — one half of the rap duo Ying Yang Twins — was busted in Georgia … after Holmes’ wife accused him of punching her in the head. Prosecutors say Holmes socked his wife Porsche Holmes in the head back in November … and the rapper hit her so hard she got a big bump over her left eye. Authorities charged Holmes with “family violence” and two counts of simple battery. Deongelo was released on bond after agreeing to stay away from his wife — among other restrictions. (TMZ)

Back in June 2012, D-Rock also found himself in handcuffs on driving under the influence charges.

Police have arrested a member of the popular Atlanta rap group the Ying Yang Twins on DUI charges. Officers say Deongelo Holmes had his two kids inside the car as he was pulled over on Old Norcross Road and Boggs Road in Gwinnett County. Police say he also admitted he had recently smoked marijuana. Police say two of Holmes’ sons, a 3-year-old and a 2-month-old were also in the car. Holmes was arrested twice in 2004 on DUI charges as well. (MyFox Atlanta)

In November, the rapper’s money woes surfaced online.

The Ying Yang Twins haven’t had a hit song in years … that’s why one of the rappers begged a judge to lower his child support payments, and he just got a huge break … TMZ has learned. According to docs filed in Georgia, D-Roc — aka De’Angelo Holmes — had been paying his ex-wife $2,500 a month in support for their daughter … an arrangement that was made when he was pulling down more than 19-grand a month. (TMZ)

Last summer, Roc hit up SOHH and talked about Ying Yang being the originators of today’s current twerk movement.

“I look at it like everybody’s showing love for us starting something that everybody loves. The only thing I can really say about it is we need to come back and show them how to really do it. Everybody just took it and went with it, turning it into something else but they’re not doing it right. When you do it right, you expect that. Everybody’s just playing with it right now. In the same twerk songs, they’re too hard, they’re doing too much. It’s supposed to be about the female and what you’re supposed to do is get them to shake that a**. They need to know how to shake their a**. The thing about it is they tell a female what to do but they do it too hard at the same time. You look at them and they look like they’re not supposed to be doing it. They talk to the girl like they would talk to a n*gga, like, “I’ll beat your a**, start shaking that a**.” I’m like, “God d*mn.” What do you want to do, fight her or have her shake her a**?” (SOHH)

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