Ying Yang Twins’ Kaine On Maliah Michel Stripping In ATL: “If You Don’t Work, You Don’t Eat”

Ying Yang Twins’ Kaine On Maliah Michel Stripping In ATL: “If You Don’t Work, You Don’t Eat”

Weeks after video vixen Maliah Michel raised the temperature at Atlanta’s Diamond strip club, SOHH reached out to gentlemen’s club enthusiast Ying Yang Twins member Kaine for his reaction.

Rather than scold Michel for strutting her goods, Kaine offered an economical outlook on her move.

“Ah man, you know, a job is a job,” Kaine told SOHH when asked for his opinion on Maliah stripping at Diamond gentlemen’s club. “Just look at the state of the economy right now, the people are always trying to maintain their wealth. With the state of the economy, everybody’s kind of dipping their hands in all kinds of different stuff. I don’t see a one set job unless they’re already on the mogul status. I think everybody’s sticking their hand into whatever they can — that’s just what it is. It’s the same as someone who has been successful in their career takes their money and invests into three or four franchises. That’s the same difference as the magnitude of the young lady [we’re] speaking about. It’s the same thing. If you want it, you’ve gotta go out there and get it. If you don’t work, you don’t eat.” (SOHH)

He also weighed in on the popularity of strip clubs transcending from Florida to his hometown.

“We were always the step brothers or the cousins of Florida’s strip clubs,” Kaine added. “Florida was the home of the bass and the shaking when it started. It just migrated to Atlanta and that’s the true essence of what Atlanta was before the new generation and new era of music had came in. We’ve always been the home to good music whether it was hip-hop, R&B or whatever.” (SOHH)

Last month, Maliah embraced her racy strip club performance and even shouted out R&B singer Ne-Yo.

“S/O @neyocompound and his lovely fiancĂ© Mo for coming to #DOA and showing me love,” she tweeted Thursday (August 10th) night.

“Y’all Mo so fine and thick smh yess”

“ATL I had so much fun I needed it. Atlanta is officially my favorite party city. Just to party not to dance lol f*ckers xoxo”

“@Ginger__X no I’m too scared to look I know they tearing my head off” (Maliah Michel’s Twitter)

Photos of the strip club gathering surfaced online around mid-August.

Ne-Yo dropped an AVALANCHE of singles on Drake’s ex-girlfriend’s naked body Wednesday night … a chick who happens to be a VERY famous stripper … and TMZ has the pics. Sources tell us, Ne-Yo burned roughly $5,000 at the famous Diamonds strip club in ATL — a large portion of which was spent trying to impress a certain Maliah … a famous stripper who dated both Drake AND Sean Kingston. Go ahead, Google her. We’re told Ne-Yo had a great time — but the fun ended in the club … Ne-Yo’s engaged … and Maliah has taken a self-professed vow of celibacy. (TMZ)

Check out Ying Yang Twins’ “2 Piece” strip club ode below:

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