Ying Yang Twins Honor Miley Cyrus’ Booty: “The Way She Shake Her A** Keep A N***a Smiling” [Audio]

Ying Yang Twins Honor Miley Cyrus’ Booty: “The Way She Shake Her A** Keep A N***a Smiling” [Audio]

Atlanta rap duo Ying Yang Twins have paid homage to the twerking skills of one-time amateur dancer Miley Cyrus by releasing a new track in her honor.

According to Kaine and D-Roc, the song is titled “Miley Cyrus” and is fully dedicated to the twerkster.

Miley Cyrus is God’s gift to twerking … at least according to the Ying Yang Twins who wrote an entire song about her booty-shaking greatness — and TMZ has the track. Kaine and D-Roc tell TMZ, they were inspired to make a tune in Miley’s honor after learning she was a fan via Twitter — and due to her transition from Disney princess to a derriere-popping powerhouse. They tell us, “Our fans have been starving for some authentic twerk music. Seeing that Miley Cyrus wants to show the world she is grown by twerking, we decided to give her a little help.” (TMZ)

Throughout the song, Ying Yang do not sway away from throwing in multiple Cyrus references.

“Do the Miley Cyrus rock wit it/Wiggle wiggle jiggle jiggle shake that s**t/All the n***as saying can she take that d**k? … Freaky b****es shakin a** on the pole/Do the Miley Cyrus b***h and get low/Miley Cyrus, ooh she wildin’/The way she shake her a** keep a n***a smiling’/With her camel toe she steal the show/Put her p***y in yo face like a freaky ho” (“Miley Cyrus”)

Footage of Miley’s intense twerking at a Juicy J rap concert hit the Internet a couple weeks ago.

Miley Cyrus showed what she’s made of on stage during Juicy J’s “Stay Trippy” tour stop at the House of Blues in West Hollywood, CA on Saturday night. The pop star made a surprise appearance during the Three 6 Mafia leader’s performance of “Bandz a Make Her Dance,” and immediately got to twerking as his club smashed played. Back in March, we got our first taste of Miley’s booty popping which instantly became a viral hit. (Miss Info TV)

Recently, Ying Yang Twins’ D-Roc spoke to SOHH about the overnight popularity of twerking especially with actresses like Miley Cyrus publicly showing off their booty-shaking skills.

“I look at it like everybody’s showing love for us starting something that everybody loves. The only thing I can really say about it is we need to come back and show them how to really do it. Everybody just took it and went with it, turning it into something else but they’re not doing it right. When you do it right, you expect that. Everybody’s just playing with it right now. In the same twerk songs, they’re too hard, they’re doing too much. It’s supposed to be about the female and what you’re supposed to do is get them to shake that a**. They need to know how to shake their a**. The thing about it is they tell a female what to do but they do it too hard at the same time. You look at them and they look like they’re not supposed to be doing it. They talk to the girl like they would talk to a n*gga, like, “I’ll beat your a**, start shaking that a**.” I’m like, “God d*mn.” What do you want to do, fight her or have her shake her a**?” (SOHH)

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Check out “Miley Cyrus”:

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