Ying Yang Twins Fire Shots At French Montana & Kanye West, Name-Drop Jay-Z & Diddy [Audio]

Ying Yang Twins Fire Shots At French Montana & Kanye West, Name-Drop Jay-Z & Diddy [Audio]

Atlanta rap duo Ying Yang Twins are back with their new Ass In Session mixtape and take an ample shot at artists like French Montana for swagger-jacking their signature “HANHHH” catchphrase.

Group members D-Roc and Kaine use the “Sayin My Word” track to let loose on their issues.

On “Sayin My Word,” the primary complaint is that use of “HANH” is not attributed to its creators by its adopters. It’s no surprise that we’ve never heard French or Kanye working “Shout out to the Ying Yang Twins!” into any of their songs, but the twins themselves would rather not let this issue rest. So they ask: “Excuse me Mr. P. Diddy and Jay-Z, you presidents, if your artists use our lyrics, don’t that make us relevant?” Relevant might be a stretch, but one can’t deny the legacy of the seemingly ever present “HANH” in today’s rap landscape. This year may actually be the ten-year anniversary of “HANH.” In that case, congratulations are certainly in order, and perhaps it is time for “HANH” users to acknowledge the ad-lib’s pioneers. (Complex)

Recently, D Roc hit up SOHH and talked about Ying Yang being the originators of today’s current twerk movement.

“I look at it like everybody’s showing love for us starting something that everybody loves. The only thing I can really say about it is we need to come back and show them how to really do it. Everybody just took it and went with it, turning it into something else but they’re not doing it right. When you do it right, you expect that. Everybody’s just playing with it right now. In the same twerk songs, they’re too hard, they’re doing too much. It’s supposed to be about the female and what you’re supposed to do is get them to shake that a**. They need to know how to shake their a**. The thing about it is they tell a female what to do but they do it too hard at the same time. You look at them and they look like they’re not supposed to be doing it. They talk to the girl like they would talk to a n*gga, like, “I’ll beat your a**, start shaking that a**.” I’m like, “God d*mn.” What do you want to do, fight her or have her shake her a**?” (SOHH)

Ying Yang’s Kaine also co-signed Roc’s stance and spoke on their trend-setting ways.

“There’s artists out there making nice songs but they’re not making songs to the magnitude that we do like when we came up with it with Mr. Collipark. It goes back to the saying, “If you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself.” That’s what we’re about to do. We’re about to take our lane and make people move. If you’re not doing it right, then you gotta get over to the slow lane.” (SOHH)

A few months ago, French Montana told SOHH about his love for hip-hop.

“I been shot in the process, I had a lot of altercations, I just been acting like I’m so high that I’m going to die,” Montana told SOHH. “You ever get so high you start praying? I just feel like if you don’t sacrifice nothing for something you love, if you don’t have nothing to lose for somebody you love, then you don’t really, some people go through altercations with it and they just be like, ‘Man, I can’t do this sh*t, I’m scared.’ Then you got some people that are like, ‘I don’t care. I’m willing to die for this sh*t.’ That’s how I am.” (SOHH)

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Check out Ying Yang Twins’ “Sayin My Word”:

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