Ying Yang Defend French Montana & Kanye Disses: “You Can’t Take Anybody’s S**t & Think Nobody Would Address It”

Ying Yang Defend French Montana & Kanye Disses: “You Can’t Take Anybody’s S**t & Think Nobody Would Address It”

A week after raising eyebrows by dropping the name-checking “Sayin My Word” diss, Atlanta music duo Ying Yang Twins have stepped up to address their true stance toward artists like French Montana and Kanye West.

In member D-Roc‘s opinion, they only spoke the truth and did not use the record to spark any beef.

“Nah. Nah. I’m not gonna call it taking shots. It’s called telling the truth. If you know we said “Hahn!” first? You should never get on T.V. and said Kanye stole it from you because you started it first. No. You give props where props was due. Kanye ain’t never said he started it. He’s just using it. Who do you see raising all the fuss, right now? It damn sure ain’t Kanye. He’s out there with his baby taking him shopping. … You can’t take anybody’s sh*t and think nobody would address it. That’s just like if I took your shoes and you was wondering where the hell your shoes was and one day, you know you was the only person with them shoes and you see me walking in with them shoes. Are you gonna say something?” (XXL Mag)

D-Roc’s sidekick Kaine reaffirmed his stance and promised they do not have any serious tensions toward artists like French Montana and Kanye.

“Basically, he’s saying, “Check this out. We know what Dr. King did for the South? For the people, right? Its like saying me and D-Roc saying we, Martin Luther King, Jr. You understand what I’m saying? We can’t do that,” Kaine added. “That’s all we getting at. No harm. No foul. No beef. It’s the truth.” (XXL Mag)

Last week, Montana jumped onto his Twitter page to laugh off the controversy.

“Haannnn lol RT @ComplexMusic: They @YingYangTwins are back to reclaim “HANH” from Kanye West and French Montana. http://cmplx.it/1aEf4YC,” Montana tweeted July 22. (French Montana’s Twitter)

Ying Yang Twins released the “Sayin My Word” track to let loose on their issues with artists using their “Hanh” catchphrase.

On “Sayin My Word,” the primary complaint is that use of “HANH” is not attributed to its creators by its adopters. It’s no surprise that we’ve never heard French or Kanye working “Shout out to the Ying Yang Twins!” into any of their songs, but the twins themselves would rather not let this issue rest. So they ask: “Excuse me Mr. P. Diddy and Jay-Z, you presidents, if your artists use our lyrics, don’t that make us relevant?” Relevant might be a stretch, but one can’t deny the legacy of the seemingly ever present “HANH” in today’s rap landscape. This year may actually be the ten-year anniversary of “HANH.” In that case, congratulations are certainly in order, and perhaps it is time for “HANH” users to acknowledge the ad-lib’s pioneers. (Complex)

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Check out the “Sayin My Word” music video:

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