Yelawolf Resorts To Drastic Measures, “I Can’t Reach Through The Motherf*cking Twitter & Slap Nobody”

Yelawolf Resorts To Drastic Measures, “I Can’t Reach Through The Motherf*cking Twitter & Slap Nobody”

Shady Records’ Yelawolf has taken his frustrations toward online hackers up a notch by disassociating himself from Twitter.

Despite having nearly 130,000 followers, Yela said he found himself becoming too connected to the social networking application.

“I don’t have Twitter drama anymore, I relieved myself of it. I’m done with it. It’s over for me. It’ll be run by management from now on,” Yela told DJ Green Lantern in an interview. “I find myself too personal with it. It’s my personality. It’s who I am as a person, and it’s one thing to get a leak, it’s another thing when the person who leaks it can sit there and cuss you out about it. You can’t touch him. I can’t reach through the motherf*cking Twitter and slap nobody. I just have to take it. So that was kind of the last straw for me.” (Invasion Radio)

Yela also opened up about his “Gangster of Love” track getting leaked.

“Honestly, having a leak is a good thing, to be wanted,” Yela added. “Especially in hip-hop, it’s just really part of the culture for things to get leaked. I’m not mad at the actual act. I’m mad that it’s just thrown in my face. ‘Well f*ck you, I got your sh*t. Now what you gonna do?’ And I’m sitting there — It was my official single. That’s what was the most irritating thing about it.” (Invasion Radio)

Following his single’s release over the Independence Day break, Yela hinted leaving his page for good.

“Good night twitter. Un follow me and tell you’re friends I suck .. I don’t give a f*ck anymore .. I’m officially off line .. Love – Michael!,” Yelawolf tweeted July 4th. (Yelawolf’s Twitter)

The leaked track also features G.O.O.D. Music’s Cyhi Da Prynce.

After hearing the Yela featured track “Bulletproof” on Cyhi Da Prynce’s latest tape Royal Flush 2, I’m glad to hear anything that the two 2011 Freshmen are doing together, and in this new (unfinished, according to Just Blaze) track titled “Gangster of Love,” we get another set of bars from the pair. The track is undeniably Southern, and related to Yela’s upcoming debut Radioactive, though it’s not the official single as people have been noting (Yela took to Twitter to refute the claims). (Ology)

Check out “Gangster of Love” below:

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