XV Slices ‘H.A.M.’ In Half, “Jay-Z Proved He Can Still Hang W/ Any Rapper [But] I Wasn’t Feeling Kanye’s Verse That Much”

XV Slices ‘H.A.M.’ In Half, “Jay-Z Proved He Can Still Hang W/ Any Rapper [But] I Wasn’t Feeling Kanye’s Verse That Much”

After Jay-Z and Kanye West‘s “H.A.M.” Watch the Throne album single invaded the Internet a few days ago, Warner Bros. rapper XV hit up SOHH to share his reaction.

While admitting he is a fan of both Jay and Yeezy, XV said Young Hov outshined his former Roc-A-Fella labelmate.

“Jay-Z proved that he can still hang with any rapper that is out and he really showed out on that record,” XV told SOHH referring to “H.A.M”. “I wasn’t feeling Kanye’s verse that much. I don’t know why. He seemed like he wasn’t really finished with it or something. Or it sounded like he was angry at someone and he didn’t know how to express it. I don’t know which one it was but Jay-Z had a good flow. And to be completely honest, I would much rather have heard them over something a little bit more break through. That [beat] is more right now [sounding]. But that’s just me.” (SOHH)

Producer Swizz Beatz felt Jay and Ye’s track invokes positivity.

“I think that those being both of my friends, and knowing that people can team up on such a high caliber level — as musicians, as rappers, as friends, as peers — I think it’s super-positive, and I think that if more of the industry did moves like this it would be a better place for everybody,” Swizz said in an interview. “I’m involved a little bit on the album, and just hearing the different songs it’s like ‘Wow, they’re really taking it to another level.’ I’m happy to be a part of it, those are my brothers and [they’re] going to continue pushing the envelope.” (MTV)

West is heard on the track boasting about his emcee skills and fame.

“It was all good a week ago, n*ggas feel they selves and that watch the Throne drop, n*ggas kill they selves…What n—as gon’ do Hov, this a new crack on a new stove, I’m in too though/ N*ggas telling me ‘You back,’ like a n*gga ever left up out this b*tch huh?/ And if life’s a b*tch then suck my d*ck huh? And I bet she f*cked the whole click huh?/ By the way n*gga you should f*cking quit n*gga/ Just forget it you talk it, I live it.” (“H.A.M.”)

Jay adds on to the lyrical chaos with his own 16 bars.

“F*ck ya’ll mad at me for, ya’ll don’t even know what I been through/ I play chicken with a mack truck, ya’ll muthaf*ckas would’ve been moved…I swam waters with great whites, ya’ll muthaf*ckas would’ve been chewed/ I hustle with vultures on the late night, ya’ll muthaf*ckas would’ve been fooled.” (“H.A.M.”)

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