“Wyclef’s Just Trying To Make Sure the Right Person Gets The Power”

“Wyclef’s Just Trying To Make Sure the Right Person Gets The Power”

In light of Wyclef Jean recently making headlines for being attacked while showing support for the upcoming Haiti presidential election, SOHH talked to his cousin/producer Jerry Wonda to get his take.

Recalling past Haiti visits where Clef showcased his support for the country, Wonda said his cousin is merely putting out his support for who he feels is the best candidate.

“I remember in 2005, Haiti needed tents,” Wonda told SOHH. “I went down there with Wyclef and we were a part of [charity group] Yele. We were looking for young artists to help them out and Wyclef was always out there on the ground doing a lot of great work for Haiti. Right now with the presidential election, he’s just trying to make sure the right person gets the power. But as far as me, I’m more of the music guy. I’m really the music guy and I’m not so much into the politics. I’m more about Yele, the foundation. That’s where I’m at.” (SOHH)

While lending his support for presidential candidate Michel Martelly, Clef endured a speculated gunshot wound last month.

“It brought light to the fact that there was an election going on that day,” the hip-hop artist told PEOPLE on Saturday at the Haze Nightclub in Las Vegas. “I don’t think none of you all knew about an election in Haiti until everyone heard what happened to me…It was definitely a graze…The bullet didn’t go in or anything. There’s a lot to the story … The story is about the fact that we had an election and our party is in the lead. It’s a young party, trying to take over the country.” (PEOPLE)

Following the incident, Jean addressed what went down while lending support for the upcoming Haiti presidential election.

“We hear what’s called in Creole ‘catoosh,’ the sound of the booms. Jumped in the car with [Haitian artist] FanFan, ran, picked my crew up, and went to the nearest hospital — I think really, I got grazed, I think. Pras, when he put on Twitter that his cousin just got shot in the hand…” (CNN)

Once the injury became public, Jean’s camp confirmed reports of him being injured.

His rep told E! News on Sunday that the former Fugee suffered “a minor graze to his hand,” was bandaged up at a local hospital and sent on his merry, if slightly more cautious, way. But then the questions began: Why was he shot–and in, of all places, his hand? Had the shooter been caught? And then came the oddest query of them all: was it possible that Wyclef was never even shot to begin with? (E! Online)

The presidential election’s winner will be announced on April 16th.

Check out some recent Wyclef Jean footage below:

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