Wyclef Jean Shot In Haiti, “They Can’t Stop Us, Not One Bullet Or A Machine Gun!!!!”

Wyclef Jean Shot In Haiti, “They Can’t Stop Us, Not One Bullet Or A Machine Gun!!!!”

Former Fugees frontman Wyclef Jean was reportedly shot over the weekend in Haiti while generating support for the country’s presidential candidate Michel Martelly.

Details of the shooting hit the Internet early Sunday (March 20) morning.

Hip-hop singer Wyclef Jean was recovering Sunday after he was shot in the hand, his publicist said. Spokeswoman Cindy Tanenbaum said Jean, who was in Haiti, was shot in Port-au-Prince on Saturday — on the eve of the country’s presidential runoff vote. The wound was superficial, she said. The singer was taken to a hospital, treated and released. “He is doing well,” Tanenbaum said. (CNN)

Ex-Fugees member Pras also provided information on the shooting.

“Everyone can relax Wyclef is fine… They can’t stop us not one bullet or a machine gun!!!!!!!,” he tweeted Saturday.

“Yes they shot Wyclef and he’s in the hospital and he’ll be fine. They just shot his hand ..”

“Mess with me, I’ll fight back. Mess with my friends, I’ll hurt you. Mess with the ones I love, and they’ll never be able to identify you.” (Pras’ Twitter)

Wyclef’s camp updated his condition from social network Twitter and thanked fans for their support.

“We have spoken to Wyclef, he is ok. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers – Managment,” his camp tweeted March 20th. (Wyclef Jean’s Twitter)

The Haiti presidential election will become finalized in mid-April.

Martelly, a star of Haitian compas music community, and Haiti’s former first lady, Mirlande Manigat, emerged in November as the top two out of 18 candidates in a first-round vote for president in November. The process, however, was marred by fraud and disorganization. The final results from the pair’s runoff election won’t be released until April 16. Jean’s own bid to run for president ended late last year. He was barred from seeking the high office after an electoral commission ruled he did not meet the requirements to run. (New York Daily News)

Check out some recent Wyclef Jean footage below:

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