Wyclef Jean Gives Solution To Avoid Another Trayvon Shooting From Ever Happening Again

Wyclef Jean Gives Solution To Avoid Another Trayvon Shooting From Ever Happening Again

Political activist Wyclef Jean recently spoke on the fatal shooting of Florida teen Trayvon Martin and offered a solution that could cease similar incidents from happening again.

In Clef’s perspective, a grassroots approach is the only way to ensure real change takes place.

“The real celebrity is you… you authorize me and you give me the power and you make me famous and you are millions,” he explained. “So imagine if you took that same energy and decided that you want to go change a law in congress. The power is not in the celebrity… the power is in the numbers and the communities.” (MTV)

Over the weekend, Jean unveiled an emotional music video for his Trayvon Martin tribute, “Justice.”

Wyclef is up next to pay a respect to Trayvon Martin, following Young Jeezy last night. The Fugees rapper waited until the unfortunate not guilty verdict in the George Zimmerman trial to release the visual treatment to his heartfelt Trayvon Martin tribute ‘Justice’. (HHNM)

This week, Florida rapper Ace Hood said he was overwhelmed with emotion when George Zimmerman had his verdict read to him last Satuday.

“I feel hurt, man, in a sense,” Ace said in an interview. “I never knew Trayvon but watching the whole trial, I felt like he was a part of my family. My biggest thing is we just don’t understand how a guy is able to get off scot-free for killing a young, innocent Black brother. … I literally was almost in tears when the judge said, ‘You don’t have any further business here with the courts.’ And for him to smile in court, I couldn’t understand it because you got a family that’s mourning. Their son won’t be able to wake up in the morning and see his mother and shake hands with his homies or be able to visit that college he wanted to go to. His life is over while you’re smiling over a verdict. I felt like there was no justice and people in Florida are definitely taking it hard.” (Hot 97)

Recently, Grammy-winning producer Timbaland spoke on Zimmerman having to live with the fact he took a young man’s life.

“Look at me when I say this and don’t take it the wrong way but ask anybody to talk to God about this,” Tim says in a video. “Like, God bring all these natural disasters and you know some people make it through, some people don’t, you never know why that boy was walking and why did that happen. You gotta ask God why did that happen. If God come down to Earth, I think everyone would say, ‘God, you knew that was wrong, why would you let that happen?’ … I just pray for that family, man, cause I don’t know. Even though he did it, he’s screwed. He’s mentally ill. He’ll never be right, ever, in his life. You know how many times he probably wakes up like, ‘I messed up. I really messed up.’ He probably cries. It won’t probably be too long until he takes his own life. You’ll probably read about it. You don’t know what happened, man. Nobody knows what happened but God, the Devil, and them two people. Trayvon and that guy.” (REVOLT TV)

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