Wyclef Jean Addresses Home Foreclosure, “Florida Was A Play House”

Wyclef Jean Addresses Home Foreclosure, “Florida Was A Play House”

Wyclef Jean has addressed the reports about the foreclosure of his Florida home and says his main house is still in good standing.

News broke out late last year that claimed one of Wyclef’s homes was scheduled for auctioning.

The as-yet-unfinished manse is going to be sold off by Miami-Dade county Dec. 12 because Wy — through a company he set up with friends — has yet to pay back over $2 mil they owe on the mortgage. The house went into FC City in March. And it wasn’t just the mortgage that wasn’t paid — court docs show there were plenty of people working on the house that haven’t gotten paid either. (Gyant Scoop)

Wyclef is now calling the foreclosure reports a misunderstanding.

“Dudes thought that I lost my mansion,” Wyclef said in a video. “No, my mansion is in New Jersey. Saddle River is where the mansion is at. Florida was a play house that I bought with some money, crashed it all down, I was about the rebuild it. That was going through a LSC company — that deal went bad because once the economy crashed, the bank was asking for a few milllions from me to give it back versus me giving that back, I’d rather let that deal crash and move on to the next house. So you don’t have to worry, the mansions are still there.” (Jordan Towers)

Aside from his home, Wyclef recently displayed his ability to generate funds with a performance at the Green Inaugural Ball in Washington, DC.

The sold-out Green Inaugural Ball brings together more than 75 environmental, labor, business, civil justice, and community organizations and sponsors under one environmentally conscious banner. Capacity is about 2,500 and tickets sold out in about 12 minutes. (Billboard)

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