Wu-Tang’s Inspectah Deck To Joe Budden, “You Diss One, You Diss Us All” [Video]

Wu-Tang’s Inspectah Deck To Joe Budden, “You Diss One, You Diss Us All” [Video]

Wu-Tang Clan‘s Inspectah Deck recently addressed Joe Budden‘s rap rant towards Method Man and said the entire Wu is supporting Method.

Showing the differences between his iconic status and Joe’s recent music buzz, Deck laid out why the Clan has become involved in the possible rap beef.

“I’m with my n*ggas, you know what I’m saying,” Deck said in an interview. “I’m guilty by association anyway. You diss one, you diss us all. So I’m living by that. But first of all, I heard him say it wasn’t directed towards the whole Wu, it was directed to Meth, which is still the whole Wu. You can use our name as much as you want to, you can say about Wu, we still legendary, monumental, influential motherf*ckers in the game son. Not just here, internationally man. There’s really nothing Joe Buddens could say really to Inspectah Deck to make me want to jump and do anything because personally, my legacy is bigger than his.” (In The Box TV)

Raekwon also said he had Mef’s back against Budden.

“You can’t give that n*gga no shine, man,” Raekwon said in an interview. “First of all, everybody know that he’s not even nowhere near n*ggas, you know what I mean? I ain’t got nothing against Joe Budden, I don’t know him, I don’t care for him like that, but when he mentioned one of my brothers, it’s like ‘Yo, you outta character, B.’ And on a real note, you’re not better than anybody over here. So you know, to me, that was just something I feel he jumped in the pool with no water and didn’t realize he made a mistake, but that’s not my problem, he ain’t mention me.” (Akira The Don)

However, iconic rapper LL Cool J recently justified Budden’s rap opinions.

“Nowadays, [battling] is more about ‘Are you making money, are you a businessman,'” LL explained in an interview. “I think the least important thing in hip-hop now is hip-hop. That’s probably the least relevant thing. So I think Joe Budden has a right to feel how he feels. I think each individual has to make a decision and stand by that decision. So I can’t be mad a Joe for feeling that. I can’t be mad at Busta for feeling the way he feels…You can’t remain a child forever, we all have to grow up. Michael Jordan is not in the Finals this year, that’s just life. We gotta be willing to accept that. Sometimes a part of growing is knowing you’ll be criticized for certain things you leave behind. That just comes with the territory. But for me to pretend to be 24 year-old LL Cool J for the rest of my life, that’s not.” (Global Grind)

Budden released a freestyle record earlier this week which made multiple references to Mef.

“N*ggas is scared of the truth/They doing interludes in every interview talking about how they prepared to shoot/How thoughtful, won’t resort to getting near a booth,” Joe rappeed. “Thought so, what I do to them is unlawful, boss dude ain’t got a higher up to report to, just giving yourself a bad name…Got all them years rapping, nothing else happening/You need a day to day, old heads, with no other way to get paid/They gasping, time-out go take a break from the clay and grab a Gatorade/A bad contract, team can’t make a trade/Majors f*ckin’ you in the a**/You gonna stay a slave…Sh*t is f*cked up and I blame it on the way it was paved/So I’ll chill for the sake of your age/You’re great live, but let me know when that stage get appraised.” (DJ Green Lantern’s OnDaSpot Freestyle)

Check out Inspectah Deck’s interview on Joe Budden below:

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