Wu-Tang Clan Help Overnight NFL Star Talk That Talk

Wu-Tang Clan Help Overnight NFL Star Talk That Talk

The Wu-Tang Clan may need to come up with their own Learn English Now series as reports claim Detroit Lions overnight star Havard “Kickalicious” Rugland largely learned the American language through them.

According to recent reports, Kickalicious credited movies and the veteran rap group for helping him learn English.

Here are a few unknown facts — if that’s still possible — about Lions kicking sensation and media darling Havard Rugland. He’s a germaphobe. His first name translates to “Howard” in Norwegian. And he learned a fair amount of English by listening to the American hip-hop group the Wu-Tang Clan. “The first day we’re hanging out in the hot tub, right?” guard Rob Sims said Thursday. “I’m just talking to him and I was like, ‘You speak English really well. Man, where’d you learn English?’ “He was like, ‘Mostly from movies and listening to Wu-Tang.’ It blew my mind.” So while American children learn English from Mr. Rogers, Big Bird and Elmo, Rugland picked up the language from RZA, Method Man and Ghostface Killah. (Detroit Free Press)

Rugland’s teammate Rob Sims said he has even dropped a few rap-references during practice.

Sims said he has yet to hear Rugland attempt to rap, “but he will hit you up with the, ‘Hey, what’s up homeys?’ I love it, man.” Since he became a YouTube kicking sensation with his “Kickalicious” trick-shot video, Rugland sure has capitalized on his fame. He got a training camp invitation with the Lions that he has parlayed into one-on-one interviews with Sports Illustrated, GQ magazine, NBC News and, on Thursday, a crew from Dagens Naeringsliv, a business newspaper in Oslo, Norway. (Detroit Free Press)

The kicker made his highly anticipated NFL debut late last week.

Harvard Rugland, the Norwegian YouTuber also known as “Kickalicious,” made his professional debut with the Detroit Lions on Friday, going 2-for-2 in the Lions’ 26-17 win over the New York Jets. The NFL first took notice of Rugland when a video of his trick shots, titled “Kickalicious,” went viral. He’ll be competing with David Akers for the Lions’ starting kicker. “When it left my foot, it felt a little low,” Rugland said of his first kick. “When it cleared their defense, it felt great. It was a good feeling.” “I think we’re all happy to have him as a teammate,” quarterback Matthew Stafford said of his new teammate. “The guy is a great guy. It’s refreshing to see how much fun he’s having. The guy’s having a blast here, and he’s kicking the ball great. (UPI)

With a reunion album due later this year, Wu returned to the stage at Hot 97’s Summer Jam concert last June.

Wu-Tang Clan, who also celebrated 20 years in music Sunday, showed no signs of slowing down with a set that felt both fresh and nostalgic. Too bad the crowd didn’t think so. The young audience grew excited during small parts of the rap group’s set, and Ghostface Killah, Method Man, RZA, Raekwon and the other members seemed to notice. “All we ask is that the energy we give to you, give it back to us,” Method Man told the crowd. “I think New York forgot about us a little, man,” RZA said later. Despite some of the crowd’s disinterest in the veteran group, they blazed the stage, performing jams like “Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nuthing ta (Expletive) Wit,” “Da Mystery of Chessboxin'” and “C.R.E.A.M.” (Huffington Post)

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