Wu-Tang Clan Calls Out Drake Haters Over “Wu-Tang Forever” Backlash

Wu-Tang Clan Calls Out Drake Haters Over “Wu-Tang Forever” Backlash

Young Money’s Drake is receiving some much-needed support from none other than the Wu-Tang Clan in light of backlash shot his way from the release of his new “Wu-Tang Forever” track.

Before posting a blog post showcasing diehard Wu fans sporting their Clan tattoos, a tweet from the group’s Twitter page defended Drizzy’s new record.


“The Wu is forever so is this. http://fb.me/6u87HsaBT” (Wu-Tang Clan’s Twitter)

Drake also received props from Grammy-winning production team J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League for the new tune.

“Wu-tang forever is trending. Props 2 @Drake for keeping that legacy. Besides pac n big (RIP) Wu is the most influential in rap in history,” a tweet read. (J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League’s Twitter)

Since its release this week, the Toronto native has turned into a target by Wu fans.

Despite that seal of approval, however, some fans took to the Web to express confusion. @VStarchaser tweeted, “Wu-Tang Forever .. This is not making any sense to me :/,” while @CainMcCoy, apparently, couldn’t get past the title, saying, “I was feeling everything from Drake up until ‘Wu-Tang Forever.'” @MicheleJenae quipped about the song, referring to another — literally softer — title on the upcoming album: “is this pound cake or wu-tang forever?” A few others pointed out the difference between Drake’s lyrics and Wu-Tang’s, some sharing side by side comparisons of “Wu-Tang Forever” and “It’s Yourz.” @The_Blackprint_ expressed his confusion with a simile: “You can’t name a song ‘Wu Tang Forever’ and come soft as Charmin A– paper…SMH” (MTV)

After mounted anticipation, the track premiered online yesterday (September 11).

With less than two weeks until the release of Nothing Was the Same, Drake comes through with “Wu-Tang Forever.” The Canadian rapper reflects on a past relationship on the dark track, which is now available to purchase on iTunes with the album pre-order. “Yeah, this sh*t belong to nobody/ It’s yours,” sings Drizzy. The iTunes tracklisting also confirms that Jhen√© Aiko will be featured on “From Time,” while Jay Z guests on “Pound Cake.” (Rap-Up)

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Check out “Wu-Tang Forever”:

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