“Working W/ Tip, I Learn A Lot Just From The Aspect Of Someone Who’s 8 Albums In The Music Industry”

“Working W/ Tip, I Learn A Lot Just From The Aspect Of Someone Who’s 8 Albums In The Music Industry”

With the release of Strange Clouds a day away, SOHH caught up with rapper B.o.B. to discuss his thoughts on the latest developments and projects to unfold within Grand Hustle.

Though he’s been on the road promoting the release of his second studio album, the Atlanta native is pleased with the general growth of the label and the relationships between its members.

It’s definitely growing especially with Iggy, Chipmunk, we call him Chip, and Trae Tha Truth. Me and Trae have been cool for a minute. Every time I come to the city, he always looks out. Anyone who knows Trae knows he really looks out. It’s a really good vibe, a really good energy moving. I feel like that’s important because everyone can benefit from that. It’s just a really creative driving force. Even being in opposite areas of the country, you just have that drive which is everything. (SOHH)

B.o.B also shared his thoughts on the addition of Iggy Azalea to Grand Hustle, admitting he is thrilled to have the young femcee on the team.

She is an amazing attribution to the team. The first time I got into the studio with her, she struck me as a person who knew what she really wanted to do. She really had a strong vision. A lot of times, when you’re working with an artist who is fairly new to the industry on a major level, they may not know [what to do], but she really knows. We actually worked on a couple of songs and a couple of tracks. We’re definitely going to work a lot more in the future. With me being on the road with my album coming out, it’s just the scheduling and all that, but I’m excited! It’s definitely going to be great things and people are going to get to know her more and understand what makes her Iggy. (SOHH)

Last year, “Bobby Ray” revealed a collaboration album with T.I. was likely in the works.

“The joint album, it actually started as a joke. Tip would always refer to me as the Martian, and in one of his lyrics, he said, ‘It’s the man and the Martian,’ and we said, ‘Man that could be an album title.'” (MTV)

Now that the Grand Hustle commander-in-chief is back in action, B.o.B revealed the collaboration album has been set in motion.

We have a couple of songs in the archive that we’re really holding, but we want to put out our solo projects first, to get that out of the way then we can have fun with the collaboration project. I feel like it’s going to be, considering the contrast that me and TIP have as artists, it’s going to be a great chemistry, which it already is. Also, on the album, me and TIP have a song with Chris Brown called “Arena” so I’m looking forward to that definitely. Working with TIP, I learn a lot just from the aspect of someone who’s eight albums in the music industry; you kind of have a good ear. Just the advice in the studio and just being efficient with the recording process, sometimes I may over think things and he’ll be like, “Bob, you already got it.” With me, I think outside of the box, and I may bring different ideas or musicality. It may come in the form of music and lyrics. I think it all compliments everything that we’re doing.” (SOHH)

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