“[Working On Watch The Throne], That’s Like Being In The Studio W/ Quincy Jones & Michael Jackson At The Same Time”

“[Working On Watch The Throne], That’s Like Being In The Studio W/ Quincy Jones & Michael Jackson At The Same Time”

Hitmaker Swizz Beatz recently shared his experience working alongside Jay-Z and Kanye West for their chart-topping new album, Watch the Throne, staked his claim that the album will be recognized for its greatness.

Having contributed to four tracks on the LP, Swizzy described the studio sesions as nothing less than memorable.

Take a peek at the album’s production notes and you’ll see Swizz Beatz’s name more than twice. Swizz was the mastermind behind “Watch the Throne” banger, “Welcome to the Jungle.” Swizz also co-produced “Murder to Excellence” and added additional vocals to two tracks (“Who Gon Stop Me”, “Welcome to the Jungle”). “I’m a part of four different songs in different ways,” Swizz tells The Juice. “That’s like being in the studio with Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson at the same time. Of course we don’t feel that now, the masses don’t feel like that now, but ten years down the road, 15 years, that will be compared to something like that in hip-hop history. Just to be in the Mercer… I’m just happy to be here.” (The Juice)

Contributing producer RZA also recently shared his thoughts on working on the collaborative effort.

“Kanye asked me to send tracks while they were in Australia,” RZA revealed in an interview. “I just thought I would send some sh*t that would be rugged. I know they can find the poppy, hip-hop places, but I wanted to send them some real edgy sh*t. Apparently they thought they were great – Kanye said, ‘Send some more of that Wu sh*t!’ — In the past, when Jay-Z did Best of Both Worlds with R. Kelly, I thought it was a great album but the campaign went south because of personalities. With this project, it’s the best of many worlds. These two guys have a great chemistry and a great relationship. I’m excited.” (Rolling Stone)

Watch the Throne producer Verse Simmonds spoke to SOHH about his contribution to Jay and Ye’s new LP.

“We wanted a tune that would really be fire. Me and my partner Shama locked in the studio for like a week and just focused on music. It was like, “Yo, what is it that [Jay and Kanye] really need? What’s a tune that ‘s gonna really have them excited?” This [particular] track “Who Gon Stop Me” has a new sound that hasn’t really been incorporated in hip-hop. Dubstep has been around has been around for a minute, but its never had a hip-hop feel to it, especially not in America. So that was kinda the idea and concept we decided to go with. The [creation process] for “Who Gon Stop Me” was a fast process. Once we managed the beat, I came up with the hook and it was a perfect marriage. We laid it down … and people were saying I sound so much like Kanye on that record that they kept me on there.” (SOHH Singled Out)

The Throne album topped its competition, debuting in the number one slot this week.

Jay-Z and Kanye West’s Watch the Throne leads the pack this week debuting at No. 1. According to Nielsen SoundScan, the duo’s highly anticipated joint album has sold 436,100 units after seven days in stores. Next in line is Luke Bryan‘s Tailgates & Tanlines at No. 2 with 145,400 sold copies. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

Check out “Welcome To The Jungle” down below:

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