“Won’t Be No Diss Song Made About Game – I’m Done Talking About It”

“Won’t Be No Diss Song Made About Game – I’m Done Talking About It”

After going head-to-head with West Coast rapper Game over an alleged diss, hip-hop veteran Gonzoe has decided to fall back and not retaliate.

According to Gonzoe, he misunderstood a line from Game’s “Heaven’s Arms” Jesus Piece track.

“wont be no diss song made about @TheGame that was a misunderstanding he wasnt speaking on me so im done talkin bout it,” Gonzoe tweeted January 3rd. (Gonzoe’s Twitter)

He initially swung at Game’s neck yesterday (January 2) after mistaking a “Gonzo” reference.

“I heard #TheGame said sumthing about #Gonzoe on his new album#JesusPeace ? Do i gotta clown that stripper again? Who heard it?,” Gonzoe tweeted January 2nd.

“@thegame wat u say on that song b*tch a** boy? Nose like #Gonzoe?? Lol u wack the line was wack now im bout to end ur career f*g!”

“He know he cant say sh*t like that know after gameova2 he know wat he doing fuc that ex stipper im finna go in loc fuc him and his friends”

“Studio session early! @thegame ur done h*mo.” (Gonzoe’s Twitter)

Game responded to the comments and explained his line had nothing to do with him.

“RT @imGONZOE: This chess not checkers! – i was talkin bout the muppet baby Gonzo f*ck boy… But since you want FAME.. Come get yo a** beat.,” he tweeted.

“When will these b*tch a** n*ggas learn. Now out of nowhere comes anotha bum a** rapper dat want his a** whooped. Who next, Kermet & Ms Piggy”

“RT @AyoJuelz: @thegame no. Don’t knock out another n*gga. U said u was gon chill- aite I’ll chill.. But he jump I’m gone “IBAKA” dat n*gga” (Game’s Twitter)

On the rapper’s “Heaven’s Arms,” he compares the overall look of his car to “The Muppets” character Gonzo.

“F*ckin’ in that blue Aventador, the nose like Gonzo/Let a b*tch get a breather, then she back hittin’ high notes/Throwin’ Louis luggage at dealerships, f*ck a car note/15’s in everything, beating like Harpo” (“Heaven’s Arms”)

Check out Game’s “Heaven’s Arms”:

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