Wiz Khalifa’s Stylist Explains ‘O.N.I.F.C.’s Hippie Cover: “This Whole 70’s Vibe. This Sleazy, Rocstar-Type Image”

Wiz Khalifa’s Stylist Explains ‘O.N.I.F.C.’s Hippie Cover: “This Whole 70’s Vibe. This Sleazy, Rocstar-Type Image”

Taylor Gang leader Wiz Khalifa‘s new Only N*gga In First Class (O.N.I.F.C.) cover art has landed online and his stylist Fatima B. has addressed the eye-catching funky imagery.

According to Fatima, Khalifa’s 70’s-style look is authentic and presentation he has sported over the past few years.

“I can understand both sides of people getting it or not getting it,” she tells The BoomBox. “It’s like Kelis [paving the way with her style] six years ago and you see all these artists now [mimicking it].” According to Fatima, Wiz has embraced this look for nearly two years — the entire time she’s worked with him. The rapper began planning his artwork with the intention of keeping his burgeoning style at the forefront. “If you see how Wiz dresses now, it already gives you this whole hippie feel,” Fatima adds. “This whole ’70s vibe. This sleazy, rockstar-type image. This is what we wanted it to be and we wanted people to see the transition from how Wiz used to dress, up until now. This is where we’re at with the album, the music. It all goes together.” (The Boom Box)

The new cover art landed online early Wednesday (August 8).

In case you’ve been living under a rock the size of Gibraltar let me catch you up to speed. Taylor Gang boss Wiz Khalifa is set to drop his long awaited sophomore album O.N.I.F.C, and he teased fans by releasing the cover art for said album. The cover has Wiz dressed in a white and black mink fur, tight red, white, and blue pants as he sits back in a leather chair shirtless showing off his tatted up body. PAUSE. (Stupid Dope)

Earlier this month, Khalifa talked about the concept behind his upcoming LP.

“At the end of the day, “Only N*gga In First Class” is to show you the rawness that you gonna get with the album, the real edginess. But it also speaks to the fact of where I come from, as far as I’ve been working really, really hard, to maintain the point that I’m at, the people that I’m at, the crowd of people. It’s more like a first-class living. I really am sometimes the only black person in first class, too. So it’s, like, really real. It’s crazy but it’s cool. It’s weird because when I first started getting that assigned seat, when it became, like, “Oh, he’s gonna be up here,” first people looked at me really funny.” (Rolling Stone)

He also recently discussed the recording process behind O.N.I.F.C.

Wiz Khalifa isn’t worried about a sophomore jinx. Instead, Taylor Gang captain is focusing on giving fans the best listening experience possible with his upcoming O.N.I.F.C. (Only N—a in First Class). “I just really wanted it to be the best rap album possible with a bunch of less obvious songs in your face, but with stuff that makes sense and that it relates to people who enjoy music,” he told MTV News when taking part in our Hip-Hop Music Preview. (MTV)

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