Wiz Khalifa’s Smokey “Rolling Papers” Art Lights Up Atlantic, “They Went Crazy”

Wiz Khalifa’s Smokey “Rolling Papers” Art Lights Up Atlantic, “They Went Crazy”

“Black & Yellow” hitmaker Wiz Khalifa has come forward to speak on his new Rolling Papers cover art he leaked across the Internet over the weekend.

Confirming the authenticity of the green smoke-filled artwork, Wiz said his Atlantic Records label fully supported the cover.

The guys over at Atlantic, you know, they went crazy,” Wiz said in an interview referring to his album cover. “They know me, they know my style. They know what my fans wanna see and they know that next level of creativity as well. So you know I wanted it to be…not all just my face right there in front and I wanted certain little elements…I got a huge fan base [that] is ready to hear this album from me. I got a lot of fans who just really wanna see what I’m gonna do musically and and I’ve been working a long time and building up to this point.” (BET)

Wiz released the link to his cover art Saturday (February 26) afternoon.

In keeping with the marijuana-infused theme of the project– note the clever play on the title itself– the cover art finds Wiz’s face buried behind a hazy cloud of smoke. It’s accented by a green hue, which one might rightfully associate– considering some of the artist at hand’s subject matter– with the green plant. The title of the project and Wiz’s name are off to the lower left. (RapFix)

Earlier this month, Wiz announced the near-completion of his Atlantic debut.

“The album is totally finished,” Wiz revealed in an interview. “We’re putting, like, the last little bit of touches on it, and we’re turning it in [this] week…We got a couple of surprises along the way to keep people interested. But really, other than that, the album is done. We’re really excited. Everyone is excited. [Warner Music Group executive] Lyor [Cohen] came through to a session. I got so much support from the single and going into the album. So when we do drop it, I think we’ll get that response that everyone was expecting.” (MTV)

In late January, Wiz revealed the name of his new album.

The highly-anticipated set will be titled “Rolling Papers” and will be released on March 29. During a Ustream, Wiz told fans that the album title is not only inspired by his affinity for smoking weed, but that “it’s deeper than that too… it’s not just about the weed thing. It’s bigger than that,” he said. “My career really took off when I started smoking papers.” Wiz also explained that the album’s title refers to him being able to get off his contract with Warner Bros. “I sort of got my ‘rolling papers’… and I was able to leave and I was able to do my thing likens to “saying goodbye to the paper.” (Billboard)

Rolling Papers is slated to drop Tuesday, March 29th.

Check out some recent Wiz Khalifa footage down below:

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