Wiz Khalifa’s “Rolling Papers” Projected To Sell 215K In First-Week Sales

Wiz Khalifa’s “Rolling Papers” Projected To Sell 215K In First-Week Sales

“Black & Yellow” hitmaker Wiz Khalifa‘s Rolling Papers debut Atlantic Records album is currently projected to sell up to 215,000 copies in its first-week in stores.

Based on one-day estimates, Khalifa’s album will easily debut within the Top 3 releases.

Britney Spears‘ back… and on top of the HITS’ Album chart for next week, as her new Jive/JLG album, Femme Fatalelooks set to score sales in the 275-300k range. The week’s real surprise is Atlantic hip-hop artist Wiz Khalifa’s Rolling Papers, which is on target for sales between 190-215k, coming off the smash single, “Black and Yellow.” Priority/Capitol/EMI’s Snoop Dogg album, Doggumentary, will bow with between 45-50k. (HITS Daily Double)

The project features collaborations from Too $hort, Chevy Woods and Curren$y.

1. When I’m Gone 2. On My Level (feat. Too $hort) 3. Black And Yellow 4. Roll Up 5. Hopes & Dreams 6. Wake Up 7. The Race 8. Star Of The Show (feat. Chevy Woods) 9. No Sleep 10. Get Your Sh*t 11. Top Floor 12. Fly Solo 13. Rooftops (feat. Curren$y) 14. Cameras (Rolling Papers)

Last September, Wiz said he was interested in linking with artists like Cam’ron and Devin the Dude for his Atlantic debut.

“It’s been awesome, you know what I’m saying, just working with a lot of people over there that completely understand my movement and what I’m doing,” Wiz told radio personality A-Plus about his relationship with Atlantic. “‘Black & Yellow,’ the single, just how that worked out. Me pushing it to them and them really going hard with it. It’s a great marriage that we got going on. It’s definitely new energy, it’s a lot of motivation for the project, and it’s understanding going forward…I wanna work with Cam’ron, trying to get Cam’ron on the album. [Twitter trending topic] ‘Camron Says,’ Cam’ron’s my man, a lot of people don’t know I started that. I did, me. Shout-out to Killa. I want to get Killa on the album. I want to get 8Ball & MJG, I want to get Devin the Dude on the album, Snoop [Dogg] of course. And if anything else happens, it’ll be a classic collaboration that nobody expects.” (Power 92.1)

Last July, Wiz officially parted ways with Warner Bros. and inked an Atlantic Records deal.

“Yeah, I’m signing to Atlantic,” Khalifa said. “We’ve been working on it for a minute. I wanted to make sure that I had records that I was comfortable with before I went to any label or any situation. I wanted to make sure I had my direction so when I take it to them it’s like, ‘Let’s go.’ … It’s a huge honor for [Rick Ross] to even extend a hand like that [and try to sign me]. [It’s] crazy for him to even look out like that. Me and Ross is always gonna be working. He sees my vision. I think he gets what I’m trying to do. Even if it ain’t no paperwork between me and Ross, it’s gonna be work done between me and Ross.” (RapFix)

Check out Wiz Khalifa speaking on his Atlantic Records debut down below:

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