Wiz Khalifa’s Road Dog Tricked & Robbed In NYC

Wiz Khalifa’s Road Dog Tricked & Robbed In NYC

An associate of rap newcomer Wiz Khalifa was robbed this week in New York City after being tricked into handing over his jewelry and wallet in order to pursue a woman.

Details on the robbery have circulated online and claim the incident took place around New York City’s Times Square.

Julian Wimbush, 26, who does merchandising for Wiz, was approached around 5 a.m. near the swanky InterContinental Hotel on West 44th Street by a man asking him if he “wanted a girl,” sources said. Wimbush and other members of Khalifa’s entourage were staying at the hotel. Wimbush told the shady character he was interested and followed him to an undisclosed building, sources said. Once there, Wimbush was told to remove his wallet, which had $750 in it, and cell phone from his pants before stepping through a metal detector, sources added. He was also instructed to take off his necklace and charm, sources said. Wimbush handed over his belongings to the man, who then bolted, sources said. Too embarrassed to tell cops the truth about being conned, Wimbush concocted a tall tale about a robbery, sources said. (New York Post)

Following the stickup, Wimbush reportedly lied to cops about what actually happened.

Julian Wimbush, 26, who handles merchandising for Wiz, was approached by a man near the InterContinental Hotel on West 44th Street, asking him if he “wanted a girl.” Intrigued by his tantalizing offer, Wimbush followed him to an undisclosed, and presumably shady, building; the man asked him to take out all his money and jewelry before entering a metal detector, then ran off with his stuff. Embarrassed by the encounter, Wimbush chose a dignified lie, initially telling police that he was robbed at a Burger King. Lesson: if you’re gonna try to buy a hooker, at least man up to it if something goes wrong. (Gothamist)

Despite his association with Wiz, a representative from his label attempted to downplay Wimbush’s affiliation.

“Julian has been at some of the tour dates, but is not a regular part of the team,” said president of Rostrum Records, Benjy Grinberg, according to the Post. “Julian was not a part of any of our activities and I can’t account for where he was during the time we were working.” (XXL Mag)

Last week, Wiz made headlines after being arrested on drug possession charges in North Carolina.

Buzzing rapper, Wiz Khalifa was arrested for the possession of marijuana. During the morning early hours of Tuesday, he was arrested when he made an attempt to board his touring bus. This happened after he finished his show at East Carolina University. Many American websites reported that the 23-year-old rapper was charged in Greenville, North Carolina. (MJB News Online)

Check out some recent Wiz Khalifa footage down below:

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