Wiz Khalifa’s Ex Blasts Amber Rose, “Your New Sh*t Was My Sloppy Seconds” [Video]

Wiz Khalifa’s Ex Blasts Amber Rose, “Your New Sh*t Was My Sloppy Seconds” [Video]

Television actress Natalie Nunn has lashed out at alleged ex-boyfriend Wiz Khalifa and his rumored new girlfriend, model Amber Rose through a series of taunts and disses aired on Ustream.

Over the weekend, Nunn released a recorded rant airing out both celebrities.

“With all due respect, I give a b*tch credit when credits deserved — you a paid h*e be a paid h*e. You want to compare me to these other little b*tches that have no, f*cking honor sh*t like me?! … When the next b*tch comes up and she’s done sh*t that I’ve done without coat tail riding on me or these b*tches out here who haven’t sucked n*ggas d*ck to be put on. I didn’t suck no motherf*cking d*ck to get into no motherf*cking USC. Two degress from USC — I still have two degrees that you can not take from me. Okay, not a degree as a stripper, you feel me?! Not a degree as a stripper, a f*cking degree. One of the best soccer players in the f*cking country, ran on the junior Olympic track team. So with all due respect, I’m not trying to take nothing from the next b*tch but y’all motherf*ckers is gonna stop comparing me to these wack a** wannabe ‘Bad Girls.’ ‘Cause a ‘Bad’ b*tch got a f*cking degree! So see me when you got a f*cking piece of paper that says something on it!” (Ustream)

Nunn also made a point to remind to Rose she hooked up with Wiz before her.

“How I want to end this story is — I wish the best of luck to Amber Rose, I wish the best of luck to Wiz. I don’t wish bad on nobody,” Nunn added. “I don’t have a heart like that, I just don’t give a f*ck. [He] was hawking me! At the end of the day, I’m just a bad b*tch. I’m grinding — I got some sh*t coming out, I got another show about to air. We didn’t tape a pilot, we taped the show and it’s not behind my green money eyes. It’s about Natalie being a bad b*tch. At the end of the day, I respect everything, I respect everybody. If you disrespect me, I’m going to get all in your motherf*cking a**. So if there is a retaliation video just make sure you understand what you are saying before you say anything because I got dirt and I don’t like to throw dirt, I like to bury b*tchies in f*cking dirt — At the end of the day if you have something to say — all due respect, say what you got to say. But at the end of the day, your new sh*t was my sloppy seconds.” (Ustream)

Nunn and Wiz were spotted spending time together in mid-December.

His joint “Black and Yellow” is getting spins from coast to coast. Dude probably has his choice of fine women in every town he swings through, but it looks like he’s interested in “bad girls.” Young Wiz was spotted getting cozy with reality star Natalie Nunn recently in L.A. Strange hook up considering this chick gets around, then back around again with various dudes….allegedly. Wiz has reportedly denied there is anything going on with the “Bad Girls Club” star. But Nunn didn’t really try to deny anything when Carlton Jordon caught up with her. (All Eyes On Who)

Footage of Rose and Khalifa’s public romp hit the Internet earlier this month.

It looks like Amber Rose is quite popular amongst hip-hop’s top rappers. Spotted over at Karen Civil, a video of Amber walking down the Los Angeles streets with Wiz Khalifa and it raises the question: Are these two more than friends? Amber has been linked to rappers Fabolous and Kanye West, so getting up with Wiz wouldn’t be a shocker. However, these two have been in touch for a while now–when Wiz was shooting his “Black and Yellow” remix video, Amber was hanging out with him. She even tweeted they may be working together. (Dr Jays)

Check out Natalie Nunn speaking on Wiz & Amber below:

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