Wiz Khalifa’s Camp On $2 Million “Black & Yellow” Case, “This Is Just Some No-Name Rapper Who Wants To Get Paid”

Wiz Khalifa’s Camp On $2 Million “Black & Yellow” Case, “This Is Just Some No-Name Rapper Who Wants To Get Paid”

Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa is reportedly not sweating the small stuff or big lawsuits this week after a man sued him for over $2 million claiming he stole last year’s “Black & Yellow” anthem.

According to reports, Khalifa’s camp is confident he will not have to dish out big bucks to settle the lawsuit.

One source close to Wiz tells TMZ … “Wiz has never heard of this guy … it’s just a plot that happens all the the time to rappers to get money. This is just some no-name rapper who wants to get paid.” TMZ also spoke with rapper Maxamillion’s attorney … who tells us Wiz SHOULD know who Max is … because the two sides had spoken about a potential settlement recently. We’re told Wiz’s people were not open to a deal. (TMZ)

Details of the lawsuit’s existence began circulating online earlier this week.

A Pittsburgh rapper is suing Wiz Khalifa for $2.3m (£1.5m) claiming the hip-hop star’s hit Black and Yellow stole from his track Pink N Yellow. Max Warren, who records as Maxamillion, claims Khalifa’s 2011 number one US single plagiarizes his own 2008 track. Khalifa – real name Cameron Jibril Thomaz – a further two songwriters and several record companies are named in papers filed in Philadelphia. (BBC)

The record became such a huge hit in 2010, NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers football team used it as their anthem.

“I’m definitely excited about ‘Black and Yellow’ reaching [no.] 14 on the charts,” Wiz said in an interview. “Just even that is just great. When I put it out, I was thinking it’s gonna be more of like a set-up record, but now that it’s going up, hopefully it reaches its full potential. Wherever that is, or wherever that lands it, we’ll see it there…The response to ‘Black and Yellow’ made me wanna work with [production duo] Stargate more, or just experience more with getting in the studio with different producers and trying to come up with something from scratch how we did.” (BET)

Following the song’s success, Wiz reflected on what the anthem meant to his hometown.

“You don’t necessarily need an anthem, but it’s good for us, for Pittsburgh, just to keep that pride going,” Khalifa said. “Me being new to music and the Steelers being the stamp that everyone knows about in Pittsburgh, it’s just promoting the same things: music, sports and pride.” (ESPN)

Check out “Black & Yellow” down below:

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