Wiz Khalifa’s $1 Million Battle Goes Up In Smoke

Wiz Khalifa’s $1 Million Battle Goes Up In Smoke

Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa is going to have to come up with another way to put $1 million in his pockets as reports claim a judge has thrown out his case against a concert promotion company.

According to reports, a few fine details convinced a judge Wiz was out of line for trying to scoop out a milli from a concert promoter.

Wiz Khalifa sued for $1 mil bucks over a cancelled concert … and that would have bought him 100,000 joints … which would have been AWESOME … except for the fact that he got thrown out of court. TMZ broke the story … Wiz sued It’s My Party, Inc. — a concert promotion company – for cancelling his gig at George Mason University. Wiz claimed he was promised $85k plus a cut of the profits, BUT he sued for $1 million claiming the botched show severely damaged his reputation. It’s My Party fired back … the deal was never real since Wiz never signed on the dotted line. A judge agreed — No contract = no deal. (TMZ)

Details of the pricey case turned into a hot topic earlier this month.

Toker extraordinaire Wiz Khalifa believes a single concert is worth 666 pounds of pot … so he claims in a new lawsuit over a cancelled show. Wiz filed the case against concert promoter It’s My Party, Inc., claiming the company booked the rapper to perform at George Mason University and pulled the plug at the last minute. According to the suit … It’s My Party promised Wiz $85,000, plus a cut of the profits, but never paid. Now Wiz wants a cool million, claiming the cancellation seriously damaged his reputation — seriously. (TMZ)

A couple weeks ago, Wiz revealed his determination to work hard for his family this year.

“Actually I am working on another album,” Wiz revealed in an interview. “I’m planning on dropping it this year. I wasn’t going to, it’s just I got so much motivation, I’m having so much fun, having my son, like, you know, I feel it would be a great time to put out a really dope, relevant project and kill it again. … I’m doing a lot of features, a lot of videos. I’m gonna just be everywhere this year, I’m doing everything. I actually haven’t even told anyone I was working on an album yet, you guys are the first ones [to know]. … You know what, I don’t want to put [my son] on a song for the fact — I don’t want to give people the option to like it or not like it because I’ve heard some stuff where people put their kids on stuff and you know it’s ehhhh. So, I mean, I don’t want it to happen to myself where they’re listening to it like, ‘Ohhhh nice, Bash is on here.’ [laughs]” (“Big Boy’s Neighborhood”)

The Pittsburgh rapper recently gushed over being a father and raising a child with fiancée Amber Rose.

“Bash is great, man, he’s awesome,” Khalifa told host Sway Calloway. “He’s eating on time, he’s taking good poops, like a good baby should. He’s been good.” Though Wiz is adjusting to fatherhood nicely, he does find some difficulty with his new role. “The hardest thing for me is just when he cries. I want to give him everything just so he stops crying,” he said. “You never want your baby to cry.” (MTV)

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