Wiz Khalifa Snubs Drake’s Road Trip Offer, “Maybe When I Make $10 Million, Then We Can Tour”

Wiz Khalifa Snubs Drake’s Road Trip Offer, “Maybe When I Make $10 Million, Then We Can Tour”

Newly signed Atlantic Records artist Wiz Khalifa has turned down an opportunity to hit the road with Young Money’s Drake next month for a nationwide road tour.

Although grateful for the opportunity, Wiz would rather continue building up his rap resume.

“It just lets me know that I’m doin’ what I need to be doin’ as far as stayin’ relevant and stayin’ poppin’. But I think to keep me poppin’ and keep me relevant I gotta stay buildin’ on top of what I’m doin’ and what I been doin’. No disrespect to cuz or anybody else who might wanna see me do some more collaborative things, but to keep buildin’ and keep my brand as strong as what it is, I gotta keep focusin’ on what it is. This is my first tour that I got comin’ up, the Waken Baken tour, I gotta at least kick that off and make that it what it is so we can do ten more…I’m real happy for Drake and real proud of Drake. I was lookin’ on the Internet and that [he] made $10 million this year. So maybe when I make $10 million then we can tour.” (XXL Mag)

While Ustreaming last night, Drizzy revealed his aim to snag Wiz for the Light Dreams & Nightmares tour.

“You know we was trying to get Wiz on the tour,” he said, simultaneously informing listeners and his team who were hanging out in the room and clearly didn’t know what he was referring to. The MC then addressed his fans once again: “Hopefully, the Light Dreams [and] Nightmares Tour, depending on what city we go to, it’ll be Clipse, Bun B and Wiz Khalifa. That’s what I’m hoping. I don’t know, maybe I spoke too soon…If Wiz by any chance watches this, you gotta make some calls for me and make this happen. We got that young energy right now, we need to go out here and kill these people.” (MTV)

In the meantime, Drake will treat fans to a “Welcome Home Weezy” concert this November.

A fitting homecoming is already being planned for Lil Wayne. The day after he is expected to be released from jail, the Cash Money rapper will celebrate by throwing a welcome home concert. Drake made the announcement during his Ustream session on Thursday, saying it would take place on November 5, but an exact location was not disclosed. Drizzy has a show the day before in Los Angeles and the day after in Las Vegas. Lil Wayne is serving his time at Rikers Island in New York. “Undisclosed location, November 5, the Welcome Home Weezy concert,” said Wayne’s protégé while sipping on Pinot Grigio in his Toronto crib. “You might as well camp out at all different locations. That’s gonna be crazy.” (Rap-Up)

Earlier this week, Drake made headlines after being named as of one Forbes’ “Cash Kings” for his one-year generated profits.

6. Ludacris, $16 million. 7. Snoop Dogg, $15 million. 8.Timbaland, $14 million. 9. Pharrell Williams, $13 million. 10. Kanye West, $12 million. 11. Drake, $10 million. 12. T.I., $9 million. 13. Eminem, $8 million 14. 50 Cent, $ 8 million 15. Young Jeezy (Forbes)

Check out some recent Drake footage below:

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