Wiz Khalifa Recalls Going From Nobody To Somebody, “Before I Could Wear A Shirt W/ Some Ketchup On It”

Wiz Khalifa Recalls Going From Nobody To Somebody, “Before I Could Wear A Shirt W/ Some Ketchup On It”

Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa reflects on how his life drastically changed and when he became a constant target for paparazzi in the new issue of XXL Magazine.

Thinking back to January when he made tabloids for publicly snuggling with video vixen Amber Rose, Wiz said he has changed his entire approach for being spotted in public.

“Before, I could wear a shirt with some ketchup on it, and nobody would care. Now, if I’m walking through the airport with a shirt with some ketchup on it, somebody is going to take a picture and put it out there and be like, ‘Wiz with ketchup.’ I think about stuff like that. Or when I get out of cars, I make sure my pants are up so nobody gets no cheap shots. [Laughs] That’s the type of shit that I deal with. I’m not worried about them catching me with girls. I’m cool in that department.” (XXL Mag)

In March, Wiz said his love for Rose is deeper than what fans may think.

“It’s pretty serious. I really, really dig her,” Wiz told radio personality Angie Martinez Wednesday (March 30). “People think it’s an image thing and that we’re just doing it to be crazy, but like, for real, for real, it’s just two great people meeting at a good time. We just like to crack jokes and stuff like that. She’s very down to earth, she’s very realistic, and that’s the way that I am. Just seeing stuff for what it is and not being blinded by the lights…I’ma be with her. That’s why we wanted to give it to the world. But it’s realistic. It’s nothing that we’re just beefing up or just doing for anybody’s eyes. It’s real. She’s a great girl. I really, really am into her…I’m the kind of guy who knows when I’m winning, no Charlie Sheen intended. When you won, you don’t gotta keep trying to do stuff that’s gonna mess it up.” (Hot 97)

He previously revealed introducing Rose to his mother during an NFL playoffs game.

“She was dying to come to a show, I was dying to have her at a show, it was a good opportunity,” Wiz said speaking of Amber Rose. “[She met my mom], that was actually at Pittsburgh, at the AFC Championship. That was like a pretty big moment. People don’t know. We both travel a lot…She was close. Like I said, I was on tour at the time, we’re both really, really busy. It was convenient…I’m working hard as h*ll man.” (In Flex We Trust)

Last month, Rose addressed comparisons of Wiz to her ex-boyfriend/rap star Kanye West.

“When I was with my ex [West], I didn’t have a voice,” she said in an interview. “I was there and I was new to the fame. I didn’t understand everything. Now I get everything. With me and Wiz, we show our love to the world. We don’t try to hide it; we’re not quiet about it. We’re just in love and we’re just happy and we want people to follow in our footsteps and not be afraid to be in a committed relationship…It’s just unfortunate that he said that in the song [during a Coachella performance] ’cause that’s not the lyrics — I can say whatever I want about him. I can write a book or do whatever but I choose to take the high road. It’s just unfortunate he has to constantly say sh*t.” (KING)

Check out Amber Rose & Wiz Khalifa getting caught in Los Angeles below:

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