Wiz Khalifa On His Sticky Icky Arrests: “You Pay The Cost To Be The Boss”

Wiz Khalifa On His Sticky Icky Arrests: “You Pay The Cost To Be The Boss”

Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa recently discussed his infatuation with marijuana and the headline-generating arrests he has experienced over the popular drug.

Talking to television icon Larry King, Khalifa did not shield his passion for weed smoking.

“It makes me feel like I can get everything done in the right order — If I think I’m doing better, then it’s working on my brain. It actually makes other people think I’m doing good too,” Khalifa said referring to marijuana. “[The arrests?] You pay the cost to be the boss. It should be legal everywhere, but me as one individual, I’m not going to make them think it should be legal. As many times as they’re gonna slap the cuffs on me, they’re gonna do it, but at the end of the day, they know what they can and can’t do.” (“Larry King Now”)

Back in April, Wiz revealed his fiancĂ©e Amber Rose‘s stance on his smoking.

“[Weed smoking?] She’s like, ‘Get it away.’ She doesn’t hate it, but she will not do it. She’ll roll it, she loves how it smells. She just doesn’t want to get high ’cause she don’t want to feel that.” (Hot 97)

Recently, The LOX’s Styles P spoke to SOHH about states like Colorado and Washington loosening up their marijuana laws.

“You know I was [excited when Colorado legalized marijuana],” Styles told SOHH. “I was glad for them. I say congratulations to them! That’s a big step, and I hope it spreads. I pray [one day] it [hits New York]!” (SOHH)

Last year, New York rapper Smoke DZA told SOHH he feared marijuana becoming legal.

“I hope not,” Smoke told SOHH when asked if he thinks marijuana will ever be legalized. “I would rather it be decriminalized than legalized. My whole thing is, on that subject, is when you legalize something, you give [the government] a chance to give you whatever they want. It’s just like when Yahoo took over Myspace, it wasn’t that cool any more. Decriminalizing would be the way to go because you could smoke your weed wherever you want and nobody could tell you anything. That’s decriminalizing something. That’s not getting penalized. But when you legalize it and you’re able to buy it over the counter, they’re sprinkling other stuff in the product. It’s probably not the same [levels of] THC you’re going to get. I’m not into legalizing, I’m into decriminalizing.” (SOHH)

Check out a recent Wiz Khalifa interview:

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