Wiz Khalifa, Nicki Minaj, Odd Future & Rihanna Want The Big ‘O’

Wiz Khalifa, Nicki Minaj, Odd Future & Rihanna Want The Big ‘O’

Wiz Khalifa, Nicki Minaj, Odd Future, Rihanna and more are currently pitted against one another for the first MTV O Awards social networking show later this month.

While details are still emerging, the online-only awards show is set to launch toward the end of April.

Though the network still won’t say what the “O” stands for–that’s up to each viewer’s interpretation–it has revealed the inaugural OMA categories for fan voting, which kicks off today at www.omusicawards.com. The eclectic list of categories and nominees includes music artists like Lady Gaga and Kanye West, music services like Pandora–up for Best Music Discovery Service, and blogs like Gorilla vs Bear (nominated for Best Independent Music Blog). Other categories include Best NSFW (not safe for work) Music Video, Fan Cover, Must Follow Artist on Twitter, and even best online fan army. (Ad Week)

With voting beginning today, fans are able to demonstrate their appreciation for their favorite artists.

Among the categories: “The Best Fan Cover Award,” which will be duked out between 30 Seconds to Mars‘ Echelon, the Beliebers, Katy Perry‘s Bandaids, Gaga’s Little Monsters, fans of My Chemical Romance, Nicki Minaj, Tokio Hotel, Wiz Khalifa, Rain and Rihanna. Lady Gaga is in the lead for “Most Innovative Artist,” and rapper Tyler the Creator leads in the “Most Followed on Twitter” category. (People)

MTV has provided an explanation toward the motivation for premiering a social networking awards show.

“Music consumption has never been greater, and it’s hugely important to our audience,” Shannon Connolly, vice president of music strategy for the MTV Music Group, says in a statement. “We felt like the time was right to look at the convergence of technology and music fans and the YouTube celebrities who’ve created this new ecosystem where music is exploding.” (Statement)

Connolly also discussed the possible wide-range impact of the O Awards.

“[It’ll be a] convergence of programmers, hackers, artists, web celebrities, and all of the people that are contributing to this real renaissance of music and creativity that we’re going through,” she adds. “We’re really stoked to be bringing this to a wider audience and putting the spotlight on what we think is a really unique moment.” (Just Jared)

Check out some recent Rihanna footage below:

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