Wiz Khalifa Names Biggest Fatherhood Woe, Says Amber’s Shedding Baby Fat

Wiz Khalifa Names Biggest Fatherhood Woe, Says Amber’s Shedding Baby Fat

Taylor Gang leader Wiz Khalifa has updated fans on his life as a father after welcoming newborn baby Sebashtian into the world with fiancée Amber Rose a few weeks ago.

In Wiz’s short stint as a father, he said the hardest part thus far has been watching his infant shed tears.

“Bash is great, man, he’s awesome,” Khalifa told host Sway Calloway. “He’s eating on time, he’s taking good poops, like a good baby should. He’s been good.” Though Wiz is adjusting to fatherhood nicely, he does find some difficulty with his new role. “The hardest thing for me is just when he cries. I want to give him everything just so he stops crying,” he said. “You never want your baby to cry.” (MTV)

He also provided a brief update on Rose and said she is already trying to lose the baby fat.

Proud mama Amber Rose is getting back to a regular routine, too. “She’s doing great. She’s tanning; she just bought some Rollerblades. She’s about to start skating around outside and get her body back together,” Khalifa said. He then shared that he and his soon-to-be bride will also start playing tennis together, so they can both stay in shape — and have some mommy and daddy time while they’re at it. (MTV)

Earlier in the week, Rose proved she is getting her body right by revealing a stunning post-birth photo.

It’s only been three weeks since Amber Rose gave birth to her son with rapper Wiz Khalifa, Sebastian “The Bash” Taylor Thomaz, and she’s ready to flaunt her famous curves. The 29-year-old beauty took to Twitter and Instagram on Monday to let her fans know that she’s looking and feeling fine. Amber’s cleavage-baring, high-slit, crimson dress is proof that motherhood hasn’t taken the sex kitten out of this lady–something we’re sure Wiz is happy about as well! (Huffington Post)

In late February, Wiz defended ditching studio work to focus on his first kid.

“My son wakes right up and gives me kisses on the nose :-),” Khalifa tweeted February 26th.

“Im not gonna lie, i havent been on twitter, instagram, in the studio or nothin. Juss bein Sebastian’s dad is good enough for now” (Wiz Khalifa’s Twitter)

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