Wiz Khalifa Kills His Pretty Boy Swag: “A Lot Of My Female Fans Aren’t Attracted To Me Sexually”

Wiz Khalifa Kills His Pretty Boy Swag: “A Lot Of My Female Fans Aren’t Attracted To Me Sexually”

Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa recently discussed his relationship with fiancée Amber Rose and why he is not concerned with losing female fans despite hanging up his player jersey.

Although Rose disagrees, Khalifa said he believes his looks never held much weight to most of his lady supporters.

“The girls, I don’t feel like–a lot of my female fans aren’t attracted to me sexually anyway. They like my music,” Khalifa said in an interview. “They like my music and they like my mind frame. So, when they see me and see how much I love Amber, that just adds to it. They don’t necessarily want me, they want they’re own guy to be modeled after me. So I’m perfectly fine with that. I’m taken… You know, everything I do is me, personally. That’s just how I feel. I wouldn’t be me if I was acting any type of way, if I acted like another rapper doing what another rapper does. My situation works for me perfectly. But for another rapper–and you know some of my friends are f*ckin’ sleazebags, and they’re not not my friends but, they’re just not on the same shit that I’m on. That’s just where the line is drawn. I think when you have that respect with your peers and the people who know you then you could move forward everybody knows that you’re being real.” (XXL Mag)

Last month, Wiz tackled the topics of juggling potential groupies and marriage.

“He’s so special,” Amber says of her man. “These b*tches shouldn’t even be around him. They’re not cool enough to be in his presence. It’s like, ew, stay away.” And stay away he does. “I don’t look at no girls. All I look at is my fiancée,” says Wiz. “I don’t got no reason to look at other girls. It’s weird to some people, but to us it’s the right thing. It’s how much we love each other.” Just how much does Wiz love Amber? He doesn’t even peep cell phone pictures of groupies. “Groupies? I don’t do that,” he says with disdain. “My girl said to me, ‘Baby, these b*tches don’t even deserve to breathe your air.’ And I was like, ‘You know what? You right.'” Call it another sort of balancing act. (Complex)

A few weeks ago, Khalifa delved into preparing for fatherhood.

“We found out this summer, and it was more of a celebration than anything,” the rapper shared backstage with MTV News correspondent Jim Cantiello after Thursday night’s 2012 MTV Video Music Awards. “I did a backflip; she was doing this little dance that we made up.” Rose chimed in: “It’s called the monkey butt dance!” Celebratory gymnastics aside, Khalifa said he doesn’t expect that his life will slow down because he’s going to be a dad: “I’ve been pretty focused my entire life, and now that I have a family, I’m just going to keep that focus, but it’s going to be a family focus.” (MTV)

The couple broke the news about their baby surprise at this past summer’s MTV Video Music Awards show.

It’s the new VMA red carpet accessory: the baby bump. A year after Beyonce’s burgeoning belly stole the show, Amber Rose trotted out her own swollen stomach alongside fiance Wiz Khalifa. The couple confirmed the rumored pregnancy to MTV’s Sway Calloway with requisite belly rubs and a kiss from Khalifa. But it wasn’t all sweetness and glamour, Rose’s lacy long dress notwithstanding. “I’m hot and my feet hurt. I want to go sit down,” Rose, perhaps most famously known as Kanye West‘s ex, told Calloway. Khalifa gave away the baby’s sex to rapper Calloway: “You’re going to have to teach him how to rap.” (USA Today)

Check out a recent Wiz Khalifa interview below:

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