Wiz Khalifa Juggles Natalie Nunn & Amber Rose, “I Was Nothing But Nice To Her”

Wiz Khalifa Juggles Natalie Nunn & Amber Rose, “I Was Nothing But Nice To Her”

“Black & Yellow” hitmaker Wiz Khalifa has addressed the status of his relationships with ex-girlfriend Natalie Nunn and model Amber Rose.

Speaking with radio host Funkmaster Flex, Wiz said he enjoyed a brief, yet  friendly relationship with Nunn last year.

“She was considered cool,” Wiz said about his past fling with Natalie Nunn. “I met her in Pittsburgh, she came to my city. She wasn’t lying about that — I came to check her out at her job. She was way cooler than she seemed on TV — I was nothing but nice to her. It was a good first meeting. She left a good impression, it wasn’t nothing I was mad about. And she wasn’t mad at me — but down the line, I don’t know where it got mixed up at. The [bird] feed ran short. And this was a short amount of time we’re talking about too — it’s just real unfortunate, because I’m such a positive person.” (In Flex We Trust)

Wiz also said he has maintains a close relationship with Rose despite their busy  schedules.

“She was dying to come to a show, I was dying to have her at a show, it was a good opportunity,” Wiz added speaking of Amber Rose. “[She met my mom], that was actually at Pittsburgh, at the AFC Championship. That was like a pretty big moment. People don’t know. We both travel a lot…She was close. Like I said, I was on tour at the time, we’re both really, really busy. It was convenient…I’m working hard as h*ll man.” (In Flex We Trust)

Nunn recently justified airing out Wiz and Rose on a live Ustream broadcast last month.

“The reason I went so hard at Amber is because on Thanksgiving, I hosted a party with her in Texas and we were talking, hanging out and we exchanged phone numbers. She had been nonstop text messaging me since November 25. All of a sudden when she was in Wiz’s face and exchanging information with Wiz at that party, three weeks ago, I have not heard from her since!” (VIBE)

In the original Ustream footage, Nunn also made a point to remind Rose she dated Wiz first.

“How I want to end this story is — I wish the best of luck to Amber Rose, I wish the best of luck to Wiz. I don’t wish bad on nobody,” Nunn added. “I don’t have a heart like that, I just don’t give a f*ck. [He] was hawking me! At the end of the day, I’m just a bad b*tch. I’m grinding — I got some sh*t coming out, I got another show about to air. We didn’t tape a pilot, we taped the show and it’s not behind my green money eyes. It’s about Natalie being a bad b*tch. At the end of the day, I respect everything, I respect everybody. If you disrespect me, I’m going to get all in your motherf*cking a**. So if there is a retaliation video just make sure you understand what you are saying before you say anything because I got dirt and I don’t like to throw dirt, I like to bury b*tchies in f*cking dirt — At the end of the day if you have something to say — all due respect, say what you got to say. But at the end of the day, your new sh*t was my sloppy seconds.” (Ustream)

Check out Natalie Nunn speaking on Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose down below:

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