Wiz Khalifa Gushes Over Amber Rose, “She’s One Of The Best Girls In The World” [Video]

Wiz Khalifa Gushes Over Amber Rose, “She’s One Of The Best Girls In The World” [Video]

“Black & Yellow” hitmaker Wiz Khalifa still can’t get away from questions relating to girlfriend Amber Rose as he recently opened up about how special she is to him.

Although brief, Wiz described his feelings toward Kanye West‘s ex-girlfriend.

But young Khalifa couldn’t stop smiling when girlfriend Amber Rose was brought up. “Amber is a sweetheart, man,” he gushed. “She’s a great girl, she’s like one of the best girls in the world. I just want everybody to know how great she is.” (Rap-Up)

Earlier this week, intimate FADER featured photos of Wiz and Rose hit the Internet.

For FADER Issue #72 we traveled to Los Angeles and spent the better part of a week with Wiz Khalifa. After, we emerged from a cloud of one-billion joints with a story about what it means to become famous now, and a lot of incredible images. Relatively new FADER photographer Ross Mantle shot Wiz in the center of a music video shoot and documented some of the first days of his relationship with Amber Rose. Mantle said, “He’s pretty down to earth. I don’t know if he’s going to get a head about him later on, but he has a bit of a young ego. I think to be in the position he’s in you have to have something like that to begin with.” (The FADER)

A few weeks ago, Wiz admitted to introducing his mom to Rose.

“She was dying to come to a show, I was dying to have her at a show, it was a good opportunity,” Wiz said speaking of Amber Rose. “[She met my mom], that was actually at Pittsburgh, at the AFC Championship. That was like a pretty big moment. People don’t know. We both travel a lot…She was close. Like I said, I was on tour at the time, we’re both really, really busy. It was convenient…I’m working hard as h*ll man.” (In Flex We Trust)

Since early this year, Rose and Khalifa have hinted at their romance.

Since splitting from longtime boyfriend Kanye West last year, Rose has been linked to several rappers, but Khalifa appears to be her newest flame. The two were spotted out and about in Los Angeles, and have shared their adoration for one another over Twitter. “I need my baby,” Rose tweeted. “I’m so in LOVE I don’t care what anyone says that’s my baby I found happiness my heart is with Cam.” At press time, Rose refused to comment on the matter, noting that any further announcement regarding her relationship status would be released through her lawyer. (The Boom Box)

Check out Wiz Khalifa’s interview below:

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