Wiz Khalifa Addresses Amber Rose Marriage Confusion

Wiz Khalifa Addresses Amber Rose Marriage Confusion

Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa has clarified recent media confusion suggesting he finally tied the knot with girlfriend/model Amber Rose in Las Vegas.

While it later turned out they were only celebrating his 24th birthday, Wiz said the marriage speculation was not intentional.

“That’s my baby. She’s always gonna be there, so when we make it happen, we’ll invite everybody,” Khalifa said in an interview. “I promise we didn’t do that on purpose. Man, I couldn’t plan nothing like that — I just be chilling. I just be wanting to have a good time, smoke, eat a little weed cake and — boom! — we got married.” (MTV)

A few weeks ago, Khalifa credited Rose for fueling him.

“It’s awesome to have that support and to have that base,” Wiz said about his feelings toward Rose. It gives me structure, it gives me discipline and it helps me work on other stuff that’s much more important. I feel like everybody has some person that’s out there for them. If you tap into that and take advantage of it and hold it close and treat it like what it is, that’s when you’ll get – fully – out of it what you’re supposed to.” (CNN)

Despite the initial rumors, later reports killed the marriage hype.

After photos surfaced of Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose slow-dancing in Vegas last week, the ‘net wondered and whispered whether the couple had tied the knot. Not. A reliable source tells Billboard.com’s The Juice that Wiz and Amber “were simply celebrating Wiz’s birthday with close family and friends in Vegas.” The happy couple flew to Vegas to celebrate Wiz’s 24th birthday with close ones and did not get married. (The Juice)

Speculation on the love birds’ marital status developed around mid-September.

Maybe so. The touchy-feely pair were snapped in the midst of what looks to be a newlyweds first dance. With Amber’s non-stop wife-talk and Wiz’s spontaneity we really wouldn’t be too surprised if these crazy kids really did walk down a Vegas aisle. Time (and tweets) will tell. (VIBE)

Check out some recent Amber Rose & Wiz Khalifa footage below:

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