Wiz Khalifa & 50 Cent Finally Roll Up, “Poverty, Robbery, Kill Or Be Killed Psychology” [Audio]

Wiz Khalifa & 50 Cent Finally Roll Up, “Poverty, Robbery, Kill Or Be Killed Psychology” [Audio]

Taylor Gang leader Wiz Khalifa and rap star 50 Cent have finally collaborated on a new track called “Telescope” weeks after the G-Unit head hinted at a possible collaboration being in the works.

Released Thursday (June 21), 50 and Wiz rap over a Harry Fraud production.

Wiz Khalifa said he had the perfect record for 50 Cent, and he “ain’t never lie.” The Pittsburgh rapper teamed up with Queen’s finest, 50 Cent, on a streetwise track titled “Telescope.” The Harry Fraud-produced number is a slightly spooky and absolutely perfect for 50 Cent’s dark and witty rhymes. “Your flow a dime a dozen/my flow you gotta love it/my city hot as f*ck and/I came from the bottom of it/but now the product of it,” raps Wiz Khalifa. “I paint a perfect picture/the perfect portrait/poverty, robbery, kill or be killed psychology/I shine/just me and my nine/school you n*ggas, 8 o’clock/ show up like this Columbine, guess I’m one of a kind,” raps 50. (Global Grind)

Despite the powerful match-up, some bloggers have slammed the track’s overall quality.

The next time a vet asks Wiz to collaborate on a track, he should politely decline the offer. Much like how Mac & Devin dudded, 50 may have caused Wiz to relapse into mailed-in verses, which sucks after the Taylor Gangster’s music had picked up so much momentum. Fif’s retread rags to riches raps don’t do much to amplify “Telescope” and even usually on-point Harry Fraud can’t resuscitate the track as his production languishes a bit. (The Smoking Section)

Last month, 50 said he connected with Khalifa while recovering from food poisoning

“While I was sitting in the hospital, I saw Wiz Khalifa send a tweet out saying he got something, and he felt like it would be cool if I was actually on a record with him,” 50 said. “So I responded to him and I told him, ‘Let’s work.’ I’m feeling good, I was feeling better by the time that tweet went through, so I said, ‘Send it,’ and I’ll speak to him a little later on. … Stay tuned to hear what happens next because it’s gonna go down.” (MTV)

The G-Unit general is currently gearing up for his next solo album.

50 Cent took to Twitter today (June 15) to unveil the official artwork for his fifth studio album, “Five (Murder By Numbers).” The artwork comes three days after 50 revealed the album title during an interview with Philly’s Hot 107.9. The cover features a large bold No. 5 knocked out of a deteriorating concrete wall. Through the cracks, one can see a seemingly-abandoned warehouse up in licking red flames. (Billboard)

Check out “Telescope” below:

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