With Police Warrant Out, Gunfire Erupts Lil Flip’s Concert

With Police Warrant Out, Gunfire Erupts Lil Flip’s Concert

Police should have no problem locating Houston rapper Lil Flip as reports claim a shooting took place during his 4/20 rally performance in Denver this past weekend.

According to reports, multiple people endured gunfire at the Saturday (April 20) music event.

Lil’ Flip was in the middle of a rendition of “Riding Spinners” at the 4/20 rally at the Civic Center Park in Denver, CO yesterday when two men began shooting into the crowd. A man and a woman were shot in the leg and a juvenile was sent to a hospital after being grazed by a bullet. Other (less severe) injuries were sustained when the audience fled away from the stage and some people were trampled. The investigation into the shootings was turned over to the Denver Department’s Gang Unit today. Police are currently searching for two suspects. (FUSE TV)

Police have already tried rounding up witnesses and urged concertgoers to come forward with any information related to what went down.

Police asked those attending the rally for possible photo or video of the shootings, and had no immediate motive for the shooting. “Everybody in this world has a camera nowadays, so if anybody has any pictures that might assist us, we’d like those as well,” said Denver police spokesman Sonny Jackson. Kyle, a witness who was next to the outdoor Greek theater when the shots were fired, said, “lots of people had different ideas of what was happening. Some people were yelling ‘Explosion!’ some people were yelling, ‘Gunshots!’ We couldn’t really find if it was coming from the stage or from the side because there were just so many people literally just running at people.” (The Denver Channel)

Information on one of the two suspects has already surfaced online.

The suspect, who is walking in a crowd moving away from the scene of the shooting as sirens wail in the background, is seen about 6 seconds into the video, said police spokesman Sonny Jackson. “We are seeking this individual as we believe he assisted the primary suspect after the shooting. He is the black male with a brown and white checkered shirt (walking) between the male in the red shirt and the male wearing the white hat,” Jackson said in an email. (Denver Post)

Outside of the shooting, an arrest warrant was reportedly issued for Flip after he missed a court hearing a few days ago.

Lil’ Flip skipped … and the judge tripped. The rapper — who’s accused of gun and drug possession — no-showed at a hearing this morning, and the judge reacted by holding him in contempt and issuing an arrest warrant. A source close to Flip said he was unaware he had a hearing today … and he told TMZ his lawyer is working to clear this silly little thing up. Flip was busted Christmas night for speeding … and cops allegedly found weed and an AR-15 rifle in the car. He told TMZ he has a license for the gun, and insists the blunts were just a special kind of tobacco. (TMZ)

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