With Miley Cyrus & Rihanna Twerkin’, RZA Says Protect Ya Kids [Video]

With Miley Cyrus & Rihanna Twerkin’, RZA Says Protect Ya Kids [Video]

With the popularity of twerking only increasing thanks to celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Rihanna strutting their stuff in viral clips, Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA has taken a firm stance on the overnight movement.

In Bobby Digital’s perspective, twerking should come with strict age limits.

“Sixteeen and up [should be able to twerk]. I’m trying to make them better, maybe more wiswer. Don’t rush your childhood. It’s the shortest part of your life. It’s the best part and shortest part of your life. Live it as long as you can.” (TMZ)

This week, R&B diva Rihanna showed off her twerk skills in a 15-second clip.

Damn, Chris. We’re sorry that you had to see this. We can’t imagine what it would be like for us to watch our ex twerking to music by our nemesis, and hopefully we’ll never have to … but you on the other hand, do have to. Rihanna’s BFF Melissa Forde posted a video of the pop singer twerking inside a Paris hotel room on Monday. A$AP Rocky‘s “F*ckin Problem” is playing in the background, but the girls made sure to post video of Ri dancing during Drake’s verse. It’s definitely worth 15-seconds of your life to watch, so do that below. Enjoy, and again, sorry CB. (Hip Hollywood)

Last month, Miley Cyrus took over hip-hop blogs courtesy of some on-stage twerking during a hip-hop concert.

Miley Cyrus showed what she’s made of on stage during Juicy J‘s “Stay Trippy” tour stop at the House of Blues in West Hollywood, CA on Saturday night. The pop star made a surprise appearance during the Three 6 Mafia leader’s performance of “Bandz a Make Her Dance,” and immediately got to twerking as his club smashed played. Back in March, we got our first taste of Miley’s booty popping which instantly became a viral hit. (Miss Info TV)

Recently, Ying Yang Twins’ D-Roc spoke to SOHH about the overnight popularity of twerking especially with actresses like Miley Cyrus publicly showing off their booty-shaking skills.

“I look at it like everybody’s showing love for us starting something that everybody loves. The only thing I can really say about it is we need to come back and show them how to really do it. Everybody just took it and went with it, turning it into something else but they’re not doing it right. When you do it right, you expect that. Everybody’s just playing with it right now. In the same twerk songs, they’re too hard, they’re doing too much. It’s supposed to be about the female and what you’re supposed to do is get them to shake that a**. They need to know how to shake their a**. The thing about it is they tell a female what to do but they do it too hard at the same time. You look at them and they look like they’re not supposed to be doing it. They talk to the girl like they would talk to a n*gga, like, “I’ll beat your a**, start shaking that a**.” I’m like, “God d*mn.” What do you want to do, fight her or have her shake her a**?” (SOHH)

Check out RZA’s interview:

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