With Domestic Violence Case & ATL Clash, Kidd Kidd Vows 50 Cent Loyalty “Whether He’s Right Or Wrong”

With Domestic Violence Case & ATL Clash, Kidd Kidd Vows 50 Cent Loyalty “Whether He’s Right Or Wrong”

With 50 Cent‘s problems mounting up from a legal domestic violence case to getting into an altercation in Atlanta over the weekend, G-Unit/Rida Gang member Kidd Kidd tells SOHH he’s sticking with the boss through thick and thin.

Kidd Kidd said with all of the support Fif has shown him throughout his growing career, there is no way he could not return the favor.

“One thing about it, man, Fif was one hundred percent behind me so I’m always gonna be one hundred percent behind him whether he right, wrong or whatever,” Kidd Kidd told SOHH. “For real. And that’s being loyal. That’s another thing about the game, it’s about loyalty, man. For real. Ain’t no such thing as falling back because when a person’s down, that’s when they need you the most and that’s when you’re supposed to be there for them. He was there for me when I was down, so it’s only right. I will never fall back. For real, we’re trying to move forward. Ain’t no such thing as falling back. G-Unit/Rida Gang to the end.” (SOHH)

Coincidentally, Kidd Kidd was with 50 over the weekend in Atlanta to premiere new music.

On Saturday in Atlanta 50 Cent and Kidd Kidd took the stage at the G-Unit Listening Suite at MixShow Live. The two previewed music from Kidd Kidd’s forthcoming Street Fame mixtape, which will be dropping soon. (This Is 50)

Footage of the near-physical altercation between 50 and former Unit affiliate Trav surfaced online yesterday.

Can’t we all just get along? Last night, at the Mixshow Live event in Atlanta, the music venue almost turned into a boxing ring with members from Meek Mill and 50 Cent’s entourages exchanging words while in close proximity. DDot was on hand to capture the footage. According to those in attendance, the mood swung from music to beef after 50 pointed out someone in Meek’s crew who he had a problem with from his prior run ins with MMG’s camp. Tough talk was tossed around between cliques but no altercation popped off. (XXL Mag)

The New York rap veteran appeared in court last week to address a domestic violence case.

50 Cent has just pled not guilty to domestic violence charges — after allegedly attacking his baby mama in her home in June — but a judge still ordered him to stay the hell away from her … and TURN IN ALL HIS GUNS. According to the protective order, 50 is also prohibited from contacting model Daphne Joy — the alleged mother of his second child — in any way. He must stay at least 100 yards away from her at all times. And this is interesting — on his way out of L.A. court Monday morning, a process server hit 50 with a stack of legal papers. The process server told us the docs were related to this case. 50 is due back in court next month. (TMZ)

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