“With Cash Money, They Have An Audience That Needs To Be Put On”

“With Cash Money, They Have An Audience That Needs To Be Put On”

With her Cash Money Content debut Justify My Thug, finally in book stores, author Wahida Clark speaks to SOHH about joining Baby’s burgeoning publishing empire.

Despite moving to a new publishing home, Clark said her previous business relationships are still intact.

Justify My Thug is my first release through Cash Money Content,” Clark told SOHH. “I liked the experience and before getting with Cash Money, I had contracts with two publishing houses so this right here is me going into my third contract. All of my books have been selling and I still have great relationships with my previous two publishers. But what I liked about Cash Money was [they gave me] creative control. I have my own publishing company, but when I came into this relationship with Cash Money, they were cool with that. They gave me creative control from the cover design to the interior layout and just let me do me.” (SOHH)

Clark also spoke on the advantages of reaching Baby’s loyal following.

“Cash Money [has] an audience that needs to be put on to Wahida Clark. And of course Wahida Clark has to be put on to their audience as well. I need to get put on to that Cash Money, Young Money clique. Baby and Slim knowing about my background really helped [with the deal]. I knew even before we got together that Baby was a fan of mine, and that was all good.” (SOHH)

Last week, Clark talked to SOHH about the reasons fans should go out and purchase her new book.

“I am the official Queen of Street Literature and the very first lady of Cash Money Content. This is big. We (CMC and myself) are now setting the standards and revising the rules for urban fiction and publishing. I am the truth. It’s coming from the writing perspective. My readers love what I do. Wahida Clark. They love my Thug series. The relationship with the four couples in the book is something that a lot of people say they can identify with. That’s why I say I’m the truth. If you check out any of my readers, that’s exactly what they’ll tell you.” (SOHH 5 Reasons Why)

In March, Baby discussed Cash Money’s venture into the publishing world.

“I just want to introduce y’all to CMC, our Cash Money Content, which is our book company,” Baby said in an interview. “The first book we put out, [came] out 2/15, which is called Raw Law and it really speaks to the realities of our legal system. I think this is a book you should read especially if you in and out [of jail]. One of my brother’s doing life. One of my partner’s fighting a life charge. One of my brothers just came home from doing 20 years. And that was one of my inspirations on this book. [It’s about] trying to help them get in and out, finding the right legal system to help them get in and out of jail.” (Derick G)

Check out Baby talking about Cash Money Content below:

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