With Brick Squad In Shambles, Gucci Mane Gains Interest From Houston Rap Star

With Brick Squad In Shambles, Gucci Mane Gains Interest From Houston Rap Star

After a heavy back-and-forth Twitter battle going down over the weekend between Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka Flame, amongst other associates, Houston rapper Riff Raff has revealed an interest in joining Radric Davis’ team.

Gucci Mane appeared to spark Riff’s interest after publicly asking Twitter followers if anyone wanted to join his crew.

“Who wanna sign to my new label? Who hot yall?,” Gucci tweeted September 7. (Gucci Mane’s Twitter)

Riff quickly revealed his interest and asked Twitter followers to support the possible label move.

“RETWEET iF YOU THiNK GUCCi MANE LaFLARE SHOULD SiGN JODY HiGHROLLER @Gucci1017,” he tweeted September 8. (Riff Raff’s Twitter)

Over the weekend, Gucci seemingly ended Brick Squad for good and announced plans to put together a new label.

Honestly, it’s been hard for me to keep track of who Gucci Mane isn’t beefing with these days. Thank God for Twitter since a recent outburst via the social network cleared up the allegiances of Gucci, Wacka Flocka Flames, Whoo Da Kidd, OJ Da Juiceman and others over the weekend. I think. Make your own judgements through this series of well-articulated Twitter jabs. Pretty much every Brick Squad member you know and love is in attendance, getting their name dragged through the mud for something or other. The spark that started the war of words seems to be Gucci’s alleged assistance in Young Vito’s acquittal of the murder of Slim Duncan. Gucci went at Brick Squad, Wacka went at Gucci, Frenchie came out of the woodworks to support his cousin (naturally), and even Wooh Da Kidd found a way to get involved, blasting Gucci and OJ. In a very Wooh Da Kidd kinda way, nobody seemed to notice. (Smoking Section)

While fans await to see if Riff and Gucci partner up, the H-Town rapper is currently gearing to release his new Neon Icon later this month.

“It’s not a competition. It’s my way of doing community service cause I’m trying to save on the environment and the gas money,” he tells XXL during the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. “Instead of going back and buying my album a couple weeks later, you might as well go drive and make one trip. Pick up everything. Buy both albums. I’m just being nice to the environment.” Just like every diehard fan, Drake’s last new friend will certainly be picking up Nothing Was The Same in a few weeks. “Of course. I can’t wait for it to come out,” he said. (XXL Mag)

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