With Birdman’s Approval, Lil Wayne Stands By His Promise: “I’m Putting That Album Out, Ya Dig?”

With Birdman’s Approval, Lil Wayne Stands By His Promise: “I’m Putting That Album Out, Ya Dig?”

Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne has updated fans on the status of his long-awaited and delayed Devol album, promising the love-themed solo effort is still in production.

While there is no release date attached to the project, Weezy F. Baby did say he plans to eventually have it hit retail stores.

“I do still plan on dropping that. I’m very excited about that album. … I know ya’ll probably like, ‘I don’t want to hear no love songs — but I’m talented. [Cash Money Records boss Birdman] let me do whatever I want to do, so I’m putting that album out, ya dig?” (RapFix)

Last year, Wayne dished out details behind working on his love-inspired album.

“I was also recording an album at the same time called Devol, spelled D-E-V-O-L because that’s ‘loved’ spelled backwards,” the Young Money rapper told DJ Amanda Seales. “And this is my version of love songs. And what I mean by my version of love songs is meaning they’re not saying I love you. I’m just saying, you know, you know. And it’s all material I did while I was locked up.” (Hip Hop POV)

Around this time last spring, Wayne inked a hefty multi-album deal with Cash Money.

The rapper, who has been signed to Cash Money records since he was 11 years old, has inked a deal with the label to put out another four albums under his Young Money imprint. Wayne made the announcement during an interview with MTV’s Hip Hop POV, while also revealing details about his contract with the label and what fans can expect from his new releases. “Contract-wise, I only get paid for 12 songs. Maybe on a Carter album, you probably only gonna get 12 songs, maybe a bonus 13,” Weezy said. “But on this I Am Not a Human Being thing, I don’t really care … you’re probably gonna get 16 on there.” (The Hollywood Reporter)

Cash Money boss Birdman eventually came forward and spoke on the unmatchable contract.

“YMCMB start and stop with Wayne; it ain’t no YMCMB without Wayne,” Birdman said in an interview. Birdman wouldn’t confirm the exact figures in the deal, but he made it clear that when it comes to Wayne, who he considers a son, the sky is the limit. “The type of situation we did never been done in urban music; it’s probably the biggest deal ever in urban music,” he said. “I’m blessed to even do that — whatever my son want, he can get. It’s all his anyway, so it don’t really matter to me.” (MTV)

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