Willow Smith Takes Shot At Chris Brown, “[He’s] Going To Prison [For] Breaking A Window, But Didn’t Go For Hurting Rihanna?”

Willow Smith Takes Shot At Chris Brown, “[He’s] Going To Prison [For] Breaking A Window, But Didn’t Go For Hurting Rihanna?”

Roc Nation’s Willow Smith has reportedly shared her input on R&B singer Chris Brown‘s public outburst earlier this week at “Good Morning America” after he allegedly destroyed property and stormed from its New York City building.

Willow took aim at Brown’s head via her Twitter account this week.

While her info is a little misguided, 9 year-old Willow Smith still voiced her opinion on Chris Brown. “So Chris Brown is going to prison now breaking a window at ABC, but he didnt go for hurting Rihanna? #karma,” the pint-sized pop star just moments ago, along with a link that incorrectly informs people that Chris will be headed to jail over the outburst. He in fact did not violate probation because GMA is not seeking to press charges. Feels like Willow forgot to log out of her twitter, and someone else voiced their open on her page. Very out of the ordinary. (Karen Civil)

However, the controversial tweet was later deleted from her Twitter page.

UPDATE: she’s since deleted the tweet. Caught a screen shot though! Ha! And her account info DOES say “account managed by rocnation & overbrook ent.”….but why would you let your handlers tweet that??? (In Flex We Trust)

Since the tweet went up, new reports claim her account was overtaken by hackers.

Looks like Willow Smith’s Twitter account got hacked (well, Roc Nation and Willow’s manager run it, but it’s in her name). Aside from the expected OMG-type posts that are meant to sound like they’re coming from a kid, two of the most recent posts in Willow Smith’s Twitter timeline use the bit.ly link shortener… the rest of her tweets are photos and Facebook links (yfrog, fb.me), so those two stick out. The dead giveaway: Willow Smith apparently having an opinion on Chris Brown. The link leads to a site with called chris-brown.strangled.net, which is themed like a Facebook page. (Now Public)

Yesterday, Brown appeared on BET’s “106 & Park” to publicly apologize and address the situation.

“So when we actually did this event, everything was cool. … Everything that was sent to me was about the album. That’s what we were talking about. So when the interview proceeded, I was thrown off. I felt like, ok, they told us this to get us on the show and exploit me. I took it very, very hard. I kept my composure throughout the whole interview. … And when I got back I just let off steam in the back. I didn’t physically hurt anyone. I just wanted to release the anger inside me. I felt like I worked so hard for this music. … I got very emotional.” (“106 & Park”)

Check out Chris Brown’s apology down below:

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