Willow Smith Shadows Nicki Minaj’s Swag, “You’re Amazing!!!”

Willow Smith Shadows Nicki Minaj’s Swag, “You’re Amazing!!!”

Roc Nation star Willow Smith paid homage to her “Fireball” collaborator Nicki Minaj‘s image by donning one of the colorful rapper’s wigs and giving props.

Smith showed off a blonde with pink wig and shouted out the YM star via Twitter.

Which singer was seen channeling Nicki Minaj in one of the rap diva’s pink and blonde wigs? It’s Willow Smith! The 11-year-old pop star tweeted a photo of herself wearing a wig from the Harajuku Barbie herself. “Thank you @nikkiminaj you’re amazing!!!” tweeted Willow, who worked with Nicki on her latest single “Fireball.” Willow’s debut album Knees and Elbows is due April 3. (Rap-Up)

Reality star Kim Kardashian was spotted wearing a Minaj-inspired wig last March.

The reality star completely transformed her look for her new Jam music video, seemingly taking inspiration from the unlikely source of rapper Nicki Minaj. Pulling on a scarlet red and jet black wig, the 30-year-old mogul was almost unrecognisable if it wasn’t for her trademark pouty lips. Along with the synthetic strands she pressed on acrylic nails in similar colours. She also poured her ample curves into a pink-laced corset making her bustier that ever. (Peace FM Online)

Last month, Willow and Minaj’s “Fireball” music video officially premiered.

Directed by Roman Lee, “Fireball” is a simplistic take on Smith’s sassy and youthful energy. It begins with a shot of a deserted sidewalk and cuts to a scene of the 11-year-old singer in front of blazing flames in an elaborately decked out ensemble, including a headpiece. As dancers perform a choreographed routine, Smith is seen strutting down the street with everlasting swag and attitude. It’s not long before Young Willow also shows her dancing skills when she joins in on the extravaganza, throwing in a few hair whips here and there. Minaj visits the street takeover soon after in an over-the-top dress made of fluorescent-colored teddy bears and matching fur boots. While streetlights glimmer on the wet pavement, the Young Money diva dances beside the singer as she spits her guest verse. (MTV)

A few days prior to its premiere, Smith opened up about her chemistry alongside Minaj for their collabo.

“Nicki Minaj is absolutely an amazing person. She has so much energy and working with her was like just a spark. We were coming together with all our art and everything and it was amazing,” Smith explained. “We didn’t really give each other ideas. We were just kind of talking about what, like, kind of what a fireball is. A fireball is somebody–it doesn’t have to be a girl or a boy–somebody that just goes out there and does what they want to do and is just so outgoing and tries new things and just is true to who they are.” (“Ryan Seacrest Show”)

Check out Willow Smith & Nicki Minaj’s “Fireball” music video below:

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