Will.i.am Links W/ Hugh Jackman And Famed Photographer, Helps Kick-Off Australian Art Project

Will.i.am Links W/ Hugh Jackman And Famed Photographer, Helps Kick-Off Australian Art Project

The Black Eyed PeasWill.i.am has teamed with renowned photographer Russell James‘ “Nomad Two Worlds” art project with the creation of a new song and video.

His upcoming record will be featured in a video showing popular Australian entertainers and public figures.

Will.i.am’s new song will be used in a viral music video featuring Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, celebrities like Hugh Jackman and James’ images of Aborigines. The viral music video will be released on dipdive.com, the website that will.i.am debuted the pro-Obama video Yes We Can to millions of online views last year. (USA Today)

James specificially reached out to the Emmy Award-winning artist.

“I met Will and told him what was going on,” said James, who has shot ad campaigns for Victoria’s Secret. “Out of complete coincidence, Hugh Jackman and Will were working on the X-Men film together, so there was a lot of synergies for different reasons. It turned out that the people working on this project were connected for all different reasons.” (Associated Press)

The project will feature a variety of Australian-based subjects.

Conceived by James, the “Nomad Two Worlds” project features works by Australian indigenous people about the tumultuous relationship between the Aborigines and the Australian government. It consists of traditional art, a documentary film and the viral music video featuring Rudd’s apology to the indigenous people of Australia last year. (Seattle Times)

Will.i.am’s Yes We Can production was widely praised when released last year.

I was sitting in my recording studio watching the debates,” he wrote explaining his motivation behind the project. “Torn between the candidates, I was never really big on politics…and actually I’m still not big on politics…The outcome of the last 2 elections has saddened me…on how unfair, backwards, upside down, unbalanced, untruthful, corrupt, and just simply, how wrong the world and “politics” are…So this year i wanted to get involved and do all i could early.” (Huffington Post)

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