Will.i.am Declares His Spot In Rap, “I’m Probably The Most Hip-Hop N*gga Out”

Will.i.am Declares His Spot In Rap, “I’m Probably The Most Hip-Hop N*gga Out”

Black Eyed Peas‘ frontman Will.i.am has reminded rap fans of his position in hip-hop and promised to keep on winning.

When asked if he represented “real” hip-hop, Will addressed his critics.

“If there’s anyone that’s the personification of hip-hop, I’m probably the most hip-hop n*gga out of all these hip-hop n*ggas. But hip-hop editorial and blogs and even some of the hip-hop fans don’t see it that way, which is cool,” he said in an interview. “I’m going to win. I’m going to win and win bigger than all these n*ggas are winning…Hip-Hop is limiting itself and that also goes for editorially. Magazines and websites are the gatekeepers of what people think hip-hop is, but they actually end up limiting what hip-hop can be…If Nas calls me for another track, I can do that. But at the same time, if Usher calls me I can do [an ‘OMG’] as well. Songs like ‘OMG’ are international hits, not just hits on American urban radio. I’m talking about the f*cking world!” (VIBE)

Will’s latest Black Eyed Pea album, E.N.D., has remained on the sales charts since 2009.

Pop group Black Eyed Peas’ E.N.D. (Energy Never Dies) moved down one notch to No. 24 with 14,900. With 56 weeks to their names, the group’s 2009 album has sold 2,640,200 records. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

Aside from music, Will was recently robbed in California for over $10,000 worth of goods.

The singer was robbed last month in California.Will.i.am’s ride got boom boom pow’d in the Hollywood Hills Monday night — according to law enforcement sources, bad guys broke into the rapper’s Bentley and jacked over $10,000 worth of stuff. TMZ has learned the Black Eyed Peas star made the shocking discovery himself and called the police to file a report. According to sources, the loot included jewelry and several of the singer’s personal items. We’re told cops are hot on the trail of the bad guys — and some of the stolen property has already been recovered. (TMZ)

He later blogged about capturing the victim with assistance from his iPad.

“everyone is talking about my car getting broken into… actually…i accidentally left it open…unfortunately someone walked by it and took everything out of it…,” he wrote Wednesday (June 30). “in my car was my coke bottle cap man bag…and in that bag was my drivers license, black american express card, visa card, 10 thousand dollars worth of items, and my ipad… ha ha… (thats when i remember i turned on “find my ipad function) to make a long story short – threw gps and find my ipad on: i located it and the dumb a** criminals and sent 6 cops to their house…recovered all my stuff…”wow”…the lesson here is never steal technology…” (Dip Dive)

Check out some past footage of Will.i.am down below:

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