Whitney Houston’s Family & Ray J Clash At Billboard Music Awards

Whitney Houston’s Family & Ray J Clash At Billboard Music Awards

Tensions are still hot between R&B singer Ray J and the late Whitney Houston‘s family with reports claiming an incident took place at Sunday night’s Billboard Music Awards when both parties came face to face.

According to reports, things got intense after Houston’s sister realized Ray J had seats near them.

Ray J was almost physically removed from the Billboard Music Awards last night after angry members of Whitney Houston’s family ordered their security to get him away from them … TMZ has learned. Pat Houston‘s blood was boiling because she, Bobbi Kristina and other family members were seated next to Ray J, the person Pat believes was a very bad influence on Whitney. Minutes before the tribute to Whitney, Pat asked her security to remove Ray J from his seat, but he refused to budge. (TMZ)

Since Ray J had the correct seating arrangement, he refused to move to a different location.

A rep for the Houston family tells TMZ … Pat’s assistant DID ask for Ray J to be moved from his seat … but only after an official from Billboard told the family they needed to move to the seat that Ray J was already using. Since Ray J had a ticket with the proper seat number, he refused to budge … so Pat’s assistant called for security to help sort out the situation. The Houston family rep insists Pat does not have a problem with Ray J. (TMZ)

Since last night, various inside sources have offered up conflicting stories.

“They were there to honor Whitney–that was the only focus they had for the evening. Ray J wasn’t even a thought. Billboard Awards did all the seating and the Houstons never had any issues of any kind.” Another source added that Ray J was asked to move, but by the Billboard team, not the Houston family, and only because he was in the wrong seat. Another source tells E! News that the Houston family was “100 percent” behind trying to get Ray J ousted, with Pat Houston particularly adamant, but that the family’s security team stopped it. (E! Online)

Back in March, Ray reflected on losing his longtime close friend.

Earlier this year, it was reported that Ray J was seeking counseling over Whitney’s death. On March 10, he spoke out about his heartache for the first time saying, “I really miss my friend, you know, I really do. I’m still hurting.” Whitney and Ray J shared an unlikely relationship over the years and many believed that they were romantically linked as early as 2007. Whitney died of accidental drowning on February 11 in Los Angeles at the age of 48. Her final autopsy was released in early April and revealed that the superstar “possibly overdosed on a narcotic substance, prescription medications, over the counter medications and alcohol.” (RapFix)

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