White News Reporter Tweets “Fake A** N*gga” To Yung Berg

White News Reporter Tweets “Fake A** N*gga” To Yung Berg

A Los Angeles reporter is currently under fire after a diss directed at Chicago rapper Yung Berg posted to his Twitter page and later disappeared this weekend.

Details of the controversial tweet began circulating online Saturday (July 7).

It’s unclear what could have possessed KTLA Morning News entertainment reporter Sam Rubin to tweet “fake a** n*gga” at rapper-producer Yung Berg. The offending tweet has been removed — although it stayed up for several hours before that — and Rubin is claiming he was hacked, but this story still doesn’t make a lot of sense. Devoid of context, the “fake a** n*gga” tweet looked like a poorly executed practical joke, or the manifestation of some bizarre Sam Rubin-Yung Berg beef we’re just now discovering. Before the tweet was deleted, Rubin posted the following. “OOPS….I will explain later. But, biggest boo boo of the year. For reals” “Biggest boo boo” and “for reals” sound a little out of character, too, which might suggest that Rubin’s account was hacked. (Gawker)

Despite hacker speculation, some sites claim Rubin may actually be behind the controversy.

Rubin has been an entertainment reporter for two decades, and his Twitter feed is more likely to contain teasers for his interviews with stars Katy Perry, Tom Cruise or Mila Kunis than rappers we’ve never heard of (until just now). So we (unlike Gawker) are inclined to believe Rubin when he put up a note letting everyone know that he had been hacked: “Pardon Friends, my twitter has clearly been hacked. Will fix when I return home. Anyone who knows me knows I wouldn’t tweet that phrase ever” (LAist)

Rubin is most known for being a Hollywood entertainment personality.

Gossip website Gawker argued that it appeared the reporter’s account was hacked into because the ‘biggest boo boo’ and ‘For reals’ didn’t sound like Rubin. But it seemed strange that Rubin didn’t delete that message too if he didn’t write it, said the site. And, of course, if he did in fact write the ‘boo boo’ message it implies he wrote the first offensive tweet too. Rubin, who lives in LA with his wife and four children, also presents showbiz programmes on ReelzChannel and has written biographies on Jackie Onassis and 60s’ siren Mia Farrow. (Daily Mail)

In May, Yung Berg talked about disses shot his way from R&B singer Teairra Mari.

“On the Teairra situation, first and foremost, I did the interview with ‘The Breakfast Club’ in 2011, and I left that in 2011,” he said in an interview. “After I did the interview, I called Ray J and I said, ‘Yo, this is what I talked about in my interview,’ because I spoke candidly about our relationship and I felt my loyalty is to Ray; it’s not nowhere near to Teairra. I don’t even know her like that, and at the end of the day, why are we gonna go back and forth about [how] you tired to holla at me…you know what you did…I’ve got bigger things to worry about than being trivial over some p*ssy, especially when there’s so much pussy out there. I’ve been called worse by better people than her.” (This Is 50)

Check out Sam Rubin speaking on Perez Hilton below:

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