“When We’re At Home, [Fabolous] Is Not A Rapper”

“When We’re At Home, [Fabolous] Is Not A Rapper”

New York rapper Fabolous‘ girlfriend Emily Bustamante has opened up about her relationship with Loso and why he may not be as single as the ladies may think.

Despite Fab’s bachelor image, Emily B said the two enjoy a close relationship.

“He’ll go on the radio and they’ll ask, ‘Are you single?’ And he’ll say ‘As a dollar bill.’ But it’s funny because he’ll text me, and be like, ‘Don’t listen to the radio.’ I honestly feel and believe that [Fab the rapper] is a personality.” (Juicy Magazine)

She also explained why she admires Fab.

“He’s so intelligent. He teaches me so much. When we’re at home he’s not a rapper. He’s John. He’s not this guy everybody else sees. I’d rather him just be John at home with the kids, sitting at the dinner table eating with them. I couldn’t tell you what the pros, because to me, a pro would be just to have him at home.” (Juicy Magazine)

Last year, Fab discussed where his relationship with Emily stood.

“We’re not married, we have a relationship and a continuous bond that we’re gonna have through our son for the rest of his life,” Fab explained in an interview. “We’re not married. It’s a situation where we try to provide the best life for our son. We have a good relationship between each other as far as understanding that.” (All Hip Hop)

Prior to his own reality show not getting picked up, Fab spoke on fatherhood.

“We’re working on this reality show, me and my son,” the rapper said in an interview with website Society&Style in 2009. “It’s going to be about young fatherhood… You know, having to balance my career and being a father at the same time. And then me not knowing much about parenting, the struggle in there should be fun.” (Black Celeb Kids)

Check out a recent Emily B interview down below:

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