“When [Dr. Dre] First Started Talking About ‘Detox,’ I Had The First Joint On That Album”

“When [Dr. Dre] First Started Talking About ‘Detox,’ I Had The First Joint On That Album”

With the anticipation for Dr. Dre‘s delayed Detox continuing to grow, contributing producer Nottz recently opened up about the project’s initial creation.

According to Nottz, Game and Dre were both slated to appear on the album’s opening cut.

“When [Dr. Dre] first started talking about Detox, I had the first joint on that album,” Nottz revealed in an interview. “Now, I have the first joint on this [latest working version] of the album…The first song, Game did a verse to it, and Dre was on it; they rapped on the intro of the album — I never heard it, but Dre and them told me about it, that it was hot. Just Blaze told me that he heard the joint [and thought] it was crazy [also].” (Conspiracy Worldwide Radio)

Last fall, Nottz hit up SOHH and discussed his work on Dre’s long-awaited LP.

“Both Busta Rhymes and Dr. Dre are gonna be dropping,” Nottz promised. “Dre is moving like a snail, but [the album will come out]. He’s gonna drop, I know it. Dre played me so many records, it’s a lot of records that has you thinking, “He’s rapping over this?” And it’s dope sh*t. He played at least about 40 records and each one of them joints were like East Coast sounding stuff. And it was crazy, East Coast underground sh*t. Like, if he drops this, it’ll be over.” (SOHH)

Detox is reportedly slated to drop in early April.

Dr. Dre’s eagerly anticipated album “Detox” has been given yet another release date, however the date happens to be 1st April… Now, on the official website of the producer/rapper, there is an image of the single artwork which has been redesigned along with the text “Album Available 4.1.2011.” Of course this is April’s Fools Day so it could well be a joke but for now it seems that April is the month that “Detox” will finally be made available. (M Is For Music)

Prior to an Interscope Records representative’s denial, Dre’s album was recently speculated to drop in mid-April.

Dr. Dre fans can finally exhale. After a decade of waiting for Detox, the hip-hop icon has announced his album’s release date in a rather anticlimactic way. Producer Just Blaze posted a video of himself in the studio with the Doc. While Blaze plugged his artist Saigon’s project, Dre revealed the date many doubted would ever come. “4/20, baby. 4/20, I’m comin’,” said The Chronic rapper, referring to April 20, the pot smokers’ holiday. You may notice that 4/20 is a Wednesday, a day later than the traditional Tuesday release in the U.S. When asked why Dre opted to miss a day of the sales week, Just Blaze responded on Twitter, saying, “We talked about that. [I’m] sure the publicity and hype of the date release would make up for the lost day.” (Rap-Up)

Check out some recent Dr. Dre footage below:

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